CPTPP Partners Gear Up for Signing Ceremony, Ratification Process
Quelles perspectives pour l’Afrique à l’OMC ?
Triggering the Trade Transition: The G20’s Role in Reconciling Rules...

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22 February 2018
The prospect of US tariffs on imported steel and aluminium has drawn scrutiny and concern from industry groups and government officials from various trading partners, as well as from some domestic lawmakers, following the release of reports from the US Commerce Department on 16 February that...
22 February 2018
The Canadian federal government confirmed an update to its energy regulations last week aimed at speeding up its efforts to lower its reliance on coal-fired power generation, citing the environmental and public health benefits of the move. The news came just weeks after Chile confirmed plans to...
15 February 2018
In the aftermath of the December WTO Ministerial Conference in Buenos Aires, pessimism about the future of the institution has been reaching record levels and no clear plan has emerged yet on where to take the WTO next. In this rather bleak environment, what are the possible options for African...
15 February 2018
Disciplining agricultural protectionism has long been a challenge for trade negotiators. The Doha Round stumbled over it and the impasse over public stockholding continues. Should the WTO just give up on agriculture? In the early 2000s, subsidies and trade barriers in rich countries were helping...
15 February 2018
Internet-enabled commerce has the potential to reduce inequalities between and within countries, offering a tool for achieving the United Nations’ 10 th Sustainable Development...
7 February 2018
In a difficult environment for multilateral rule-making, important lessons may lie in the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement’s mechanism for special and differential treatment of...
22 February 2018
Representantes do México e da União Europeia (UE) finalizaram, em 20 de fevereiro, na Cidade do México, a nona rodada de negociações para a modernização do tratado de livre comércio já existente entre os dois parceiros (conhecido pela sigla TLCUEM). Com encerramento previsto para o final desta...
22 February 2018
Cinco países centroamericanos -Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua y Panamá- firmaron el pasado miércoles en Seúl un memorando de entendimiento para la implementación de un tratado de libre comercio (TLC) con Corea del Sur. Los pasos restantes para la plena implementación del acuerdo son...
22 February 2018
Malgré des attentes plutôt modestes, le résultat de la Onzième conférence ministérielle (CM11) de l’OMC a quand même été une déception pour beaucoup d’observateurs. Incapables de surmonter leurs divergences, les membres de l’organisation ne sont parvenus à aucun résultat négocié significatif et n’...
22 February 2018
Au lendemain de la conférence ministérielle de l’OMC en décembre dernier à Buenos Aires, le pessimisme quant à l’avenir de l’institution a atteint des sommets et aucun plan précis n’a encore vu le jour quant à ses orientations futures. Dans ce contexte plutôt morose, quelles sont les options...
22 February 2018
La régulation du protectionnisme agricole constitue depuis longtemps un défi pour les négociateurs commerciaux. Le Cycle de Doha s’est heurté à cet écueil et l’impasse sur les stocks publics perdure. L’OMC devrait-elle simplement laisser tomber l’agriculture ? Au début des années 2000, les...
22 February 2018
Countries in the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) are preparing to gather in Santiago, Chile, in two weeks to sign the updated trade accord, whose text was released publicly on Wednesday 21 February. The CPTPP is the successor to the Trans-Pacific...
22 February 2018
При сохранении текущего уровня миграции количество международных мигрантов во всем мире может достичь 450 млн человек к 2050 году. Сегодня граждане из развивающихся стран устремляются как в развитые, так и в развивающиеся государства. Причины для международного перемещения могут быть самые разные:...


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