Trump: los muros como oportunidades
As Hamburg Summit Approaches, G20 Members Prepare for Debate on Trade
Populismo: um convite ao isolamento?

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22 June 2017
Officials from governments, international agencies, the private sector, and civil society discussed policy plans and ideas for how to address the gender trade gap during the International Forum on Women and Trade in Brussels, Belgium, on Tuesday 20 June. “Each woman who can benefit from trade is a...
13 June 2017
Is trade policy an effective instrument to narrow existing gender gaps? Can more gender-sensitive trade policies hinder the spread of the anti-globalisation backlash? This article attempts to provide answers to these questions with a focus on Africa. Trade policy is not gender neutral. The...
13 June 2017
The macadamia nuts industry is a promising sector for Kenya’s economy, but because of gender-related constraints, men and women do not enjoy the same opportunities in the value chain. What are the challenges that women face, and how can they be tackled? Agriculture is the dominant sector in the...
7 June 2017
The German Presidency of the Group of Twenty (G20) in 2017 takes place under conditions of uncertainty with regards to the outlook for both the global economy and international...
7 June 2017
President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement goes against the climate and economic interests of the United States, argues the author of this opinion piece, and...
1 June 2017
As the world considers how to respond to the Trump Administration’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement, it may wish to consider the adoption of a border carbon...
E15 Investment Policy
26 June 2017
За последний год вложения Китая в экономику Украины, в том числе в развитие энергетического сектора, превзошло суммарный объем финансовой поддержки, полученной украинскими властями от Международного валютного фонда (МВФ) и России (кредит во время президентства Виктора Януковича). В качестве...
26 June 2017
由主要发达和发展中经济体组成的二十国集团 (G20)将在7月7-8日在汉堡举行领导人峰会。这个高级别会议今年的轮值主席是德国,贸易将是中心问题之一。 在6月20日,德国总理默克尔 重申 德国将集中推动领导人承诺“开放的市场,自由、公平、可持续和包容性的贸易”。 默克尔表示需要更多 的“讨论全球化”,并使得社会更加的具有包容性,但是也警告保护主义的趋势会损害创新和经济竞争力。 她说,“我们将尽全力在汉堡会议上就这个议题达成广泛的一致意见。鉴于美国新的行政当局,这不会很容易,但是我们需要作出努力。”她是在德国国内产业团体的一个会议上做上述发言的。 过去数月,在多个场合,比如G7和G20的会议上,...
26 June 2017
Важным шагом на пути к укреплению торгово-экономических связей Афганистана и Узбекистана и доведению уровня взаимного товарооборота до 1 млрд долл. США должна стать реализация инициативы по разработке соглашения о торговле и сотрудничестве в области транзита. Ключевые вопросы о проработке такого...
23 June 2017
Brasil e Rússia assinaram, em 21 de junho, o “Protocolo de Cooperação, Informação, Intercâmbio e Assistência Mútua”. O Protocolo agilizará a entrada de produtos brasileiros na Rússia. Os governos dos dois países também discutiram outros assuntos de cunho econômico e político. O presidente russo,...
23 June 2017
América Latina y Caribe es una de las regiones más rezagadas en cuanto a su capacidad para responder a los retos de innovación. La conclusión deriva del reporte del Índice Global de Innovación 2017 (IGI 2017), recientemente publicado por la escuela de negocios INSEAD, la Organización Mundial de la...
22 June 2017
Members of the G20 coalition of major advanced and emerging economies are gearing up for their leaders’ summit in Hamburg, scheduled from 7-8 July. The high-level event, which is being held this year under the German presidency, is slated to see the topic of trade take centre stage. On Tuesday 20...
22 June 2017
Trade negotiators continued their work last week towards crafting new WTO disciplines on fisheries subsidies, examining two proposals and looking at options regarding the use of dispute settlement rules and notification obligations in a future deal. The meetings, held at the WTO’s Geneva...


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