Facilitação do comércio: adeus à burocracia?
European Court of Justice Rules on EU Competence in Singapore Trade Deal
Reflections on the Implementation of the WTO’s Trade Facilitation Agreement

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18 May 2017
Leaders from 30 countries concluded the “Belt and Road” forum on Monday 15 May, hosted by China in the Asian economy’s capital city. The event, which also drew participation from international organisations and delegates from various countries, was meant to highlight the Belt and Road Initiative –...
18 May 2017
Earlier this month, delegates from the US and EU gathered at WTO headquarters for hearings in the long-running case concerning government support provided by the 28-nation bloc to European aerospace giant Airbus ( DS316 ). The Appellate Body made part of the debate available for public observation...
17 May 2017
As regional economic integration gathers pace in Africa, how can trade facilitation be leveraged to spur the economic growth and development necessary for its implementation? Is the TFA the answer? Have you ever considered how competitive a country would be if donkeys and camels were the primary...
17 May 2017
Trade-related barriers constitute one of the major causes of food insecurity in Africa. How can the WTO’s Trade Facilitation Agreement help facilitate agricultural trade and improve food security on the continent? Trade in agriculture is remarkably low in most African economies compared to the...
10 May 2017
There is great potential to incorporate trade elements in nationally determined contributions (NDCs) that has not been taken advantage of to date. This blog post argues that...
2 May 2017
Those working to step up climate action in countries where governments are hostile to their message should take note of the Canadian example, explains the author of this post...
27 April 2017
In this article, the author makes the case for carbon pricing as a mechanism to fortify flimsy nationally determined contribution (NDC) plans, steer investments in the right...
26 April 2017
Leveraging FDI for sustainable development — understanding the latter concept as a process leading to a constant social, economic and environmental upgrading — entails at least...
23 May 2017
Одной из главных тем состоявшейся встречи министров труда стран «Большой двадцатки» стало обсуждение гендерной проблематики в области занятости, в том числе сокращение разрыва рабочей силы и оплаты труда между мужчинами и женщинами. По итогам двухдневных переговоров, которые прошли 18–19 мая 2017 г...
22 May 2017
Les relations commerciales et économiques entre le Brésil et l’Afrique du Sud doivent être renforcées, ont insisté Maite Nkoana-Mashabane, ministre sud-africaine des relations internationales et de la coopération, et son homologue brésilien Aloysio Nunes Ferreira à la suite d’une réunion bilatérale...
22 May 2017
来自30个国家的领导人于上周一5月15日结束了在中国首都北京举行的一带一路论坛。该论坛也吸引了众多国际组织和多国代表团的参加,推广一带一路倡议,这个由中国领导人提出的倡议旨在通过一系列铁路、港口、道路把亚洲和欧洲连接起来。该倡议计划的项目横亘中国东部沿海到欧洲西北部的比利时以及欧洲南部的西班牙。这个倡议的全称是丝绸之路经济带和海上丝绸之路,唤醒数千年前贯通欧亚大陆的诸多进行丝绸、马匹和其他产品贸易的通道。 中国国家主席习近平在2013年启动了这个新的倡议,一些官员认为,这个古丝绸之路的现代版可以是一个地标性的成就。支持者说,计划中的项目可望降低 贸易成本 ,创造就业岗位,...
22 May 2017
Em 15 de maio, passou a vigorar a imposição de estoques mínimos para importadores brasileiros de etanol. Essa resolução expande aos importadores as mesmas exigências aplicadas às usinas e cooperativas pela Resolução 61/2011 , no que diz respeito à obrigação de manter um estoque mínimo. Em...
22 May 2017
Россия направила в Орган по разрешению споров ВТО запрос на проведение консультаций с Украиной в связи с украинскими запретами и ограничениями, установленными начиная с 2014 г. в отношении российских товаров, услуг и транзита товаров через ее территорию. Сообщение об этом было опубликовано на сайте...


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