Brexit: Opportunity or peril for trade with small and poor developing economies?
TTIP Negotiators Reiterate 2016 Goal, While Noting Market Access Gaps
G-20 Trade Ministers Pledge "Political Leadership" to Boost Growth, Prosperity

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26 July 2016
The UK is rethinking its position in global trade. In the wake of the UK’s EU referendum and the vote to “leave,” the government has created a new Department for International...
21 July 2016
The UK’s historic popular vote to leave the EU has prompted reflection among a number of analysts on potential impacts on African economies. While many long term political and economic impacts have yet to be determined, Britain’s departure from the bloc has raised questions around how it will now...
21 July 2016
US and EU officials reaffirmed last week that they still aim to clinch a bilateral trade and investment pact this year, while acknowledging that much work remains in areas such as market access following the latest round of negotiations in Brussels, Belgium. The Transatlantic Trade and Investment...
21 July 2016
The Republican National Convention (RNC) adopted the final version of its “ platform ” document on Monday, outlining the party’s overall approach for the general election on issues ranging from trade and the economy to climate change and the environment. The 66-page document was adopted during the...
21 July 2016
European Commission officials outlined on Wednesday the overall approach they intend to propose in revising their anti-dumping legislation, in light of the expiry this December of certain provisions of China’s WTO accession protocol. The plans were explained during a press conference in Brussels by...
21 July 2016
The chair of the WTO’s agriculture negotiations has told delegations that they need to move from reflection to action, in an informal meeting on Monday that was open to all members of the organisation. Vangelis Vitalis, the New Zealand ambassador chairing the talks, also shared a set of questions...
21 July 2016
Over the past week, the US and the EU have both filed requests for consultations – the first step in WTO dispute settlement proceedings – with China over alleged export restrictions on select raw materials used in industrial manufacturing. The US announced its complaint ( DS508 ) on 13 July, along...
21 July 2016
The new government of UK Prime Minister Theresa May has begun exploring possible options for trade deals with third countries, officials say, though the process to formally launch exit negotiations with the EU has not yet been set in motion. The UK premier took office last Wednesday, and shortly...
19 July 2016
Flush from their Brexit referendum victory and settling into their new ministerial offices, hopefully those responsible for trade policy in Theresa May’s government are...
27 July 2016
À la surprise de la communauté internationale, la signature de l’Accord de partenariat économique (APE) entre l’UE et la Communauté d’Afrique de l’Est (CAE), qui doit être ratifié d’ici octobre prochain, a été reportée. Elle devait avoir lieu le 18 juillet 2016 à Nairobi, au Kenya. Plusieurs...
27 July 2016
Talks towards securing a phase down of global climate-warming hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) emissions have edged forward, as parties to the Montreal Protocol meeting in Vienna, Austria, from 15-23 July discussed baselines, freeze-dates, and phase-down schedules for the consumption and production of...
27 July 2016
O novo Relatório de Monitoramento do Comércio foi divulgado e discutido entre os membros da Organização Mundial do Comércio (OMC) durante reunião do órgão de Revisão de Política Comercial (TPR, sigla em inglês), realizada em 25 de julho. Segundo o documento, de outubro de 2015 a maio de 2016, houve...
26 July 2016
Le vote populaire historique du Royaume-Uni en faveur d’une sortie de l’UE (« Brexit ») a suscité la réaction d’un certain nombre d’analystes sur ses conséquences possibles pour les économies africaines. Si les nombreuses répercussions politiques et économiques à long terme restent à déterminer, le...


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