Anna Jerzewska

Independent Consultant

Anna Jerzewska is a free trade agreements specialist working as a global trade and customs consultant in the private sector. She works closely with clients across a number of industries advising on a wide range of global trade and investment issues: customs classification, customs valuation, origin determination, etc. Anna specialises in FTAs, rules of origin and trading under preferential tariffs. Recently, Anna has been advising clients on the possible trading models post-Brexit. Anna holds a PhD in International Political Economy with a specialisation in Free Trade Agreements in East Asia.


15 February 2017
In November, ICTSD and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) organised a dialogue on inclusive rules of origin as part of the RTA Exchange project. Access to preferential import tariffs under free trade agreements (FTAs) is governed by rules of origin designed to be a non-tariff barrier to...