Jean-Pierre Rolland


Jean-Pierre Rolland is an Economist specialised in commercial and agricultural issues, mainly in Africa and the Maghreb.

Bridges news

18 April 2012
The inconsistencies of trade policy in West Africa occur on two levels: the community level, between public and trade policies in the region, and the international level. Improving the coherence of trade policy is essential both for the region’s economic development and its growing role in global...
10 April 2012
Dans un contexte régional marqué par la libéralisation accrue des échanges et la concomitance de négociations commerciales tant bilatérales que régionales et multilatérales, la cohérence des politiques commerciales est un enjeu majeur pour les pays d'Afrique de l'Ouest. Cet article met en avant l'...
15 December 2009
The degree and pace of liberalization necessary for a free-trade agreement (FTA) to comply with WTO rules (especially Article XXIV of GATT) remains an important discussion point in EPA negotiations . This article helps clarify the different interpretations of Article XXIV by analysing some 40 free-...