Closing Date: 
27 January 2015 to 19 February 2015

Launched by a consortium comprising the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD), the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI), the RTA Exchange is designed as a first-class forum and independent clearinghouse mechanism to share information on Regional Trade Agreements (RTAs) – both existing ones and the ones under negotiation – while promoting a purposeful multi-stakeholder dialogue on the interface between RTAs and the multilateral trade system.

Closing Date: 
31 January 2015

The Programme Officer will develop and implement ICTSD’s programmatic activities in relation to trade in services. Currently this work takes place across several ICTSD impact areas including: the development of the multilateral trade system; Development, LDCs and LICs; and Climate Change. The organisation’s objective across all of these areas is to mobilise knowledge communities to use policy frameworks in which Trade in Services can play a role in advancing sustainable development.

Closing Date: 
18 December 2014 to 31 January 2015

ICTSD works to build well-informed communities, support dialogues around policy, and empower policymakers and influencers to act effectively on issues in the trade policy arena that impact national and global sustainable development.

The position of Events Coordinator aims to strengthening ICTSD’s capacity, skills, management and expertise in this area of Events, Operations, Logistics and Procurement at ICTSD and its external partner network.


The Events...

Closing Date: 
28 February 2015

ICTSD enables, facilitates and supports interaction among policymakers and influencers to craft and implement policy frameworks on trade that deliver sustainable development.

To ensure that sustainable development objectives are factored into all aspects of the international trade system, ICTSD aims to facilitate the emergence of a critical mass of well-informed stakeholders who can identify and effectively advance their own sustainable development priorities in trade policy and related policy processes....

Closing Date: 
1 December 2014 to 30 January 2015

The Managing Editor for Bridges Africa and Passerelles leads ICTSD’s communications to engage global policy communities in Africa and policy actors who work on African issues outside the continent to advance sustainable development in trade-related policy making.


The Managing Editor will advance the periodicals’ role as the authoritative information source on the intersecting fields of international trade and sustainable development for Africa,...

Volunteer and Internship Guidelines and Application Process

ICTSD hosts both volunteers and interns all year round through bilateral arrangements with academic institutions or by direct applications from Individuals with a proven interest in international trade and sustainable development, and possess university-level or post-graduate education in a related fieldThese positions are designed to be of mutual benefit: volunteers/interns learn about the Centres work while building personal capacities and experience, and the Centre receives valuable assistance in achieving its projects and goals. With no exception, all arrangements with interns or volunteers are on fixed-term basis, with an internships agreed upon for a period of 3-6 monthsICTSD has an active all year round internship/volunteer programme and coordinates arrangements around three terms that coincide with the academic year: September - December (Fall); January - May (Spring); and June - August (Summer).


ICTSD hosts interns depending on programme / publication needs. ICTSD can provide limited support in the form of a monthly stipend for basic living expenses, but interns should have sponsorship and/or funding available to them. Positions may be within one programme or across several programmes. Interns must be willing to commit to a work programme for 15-40 hours per week. Interns require either Swiss citizenship or a valid Swiss work permit. ICTSD can arrange for temporary work permit.


ICTSD will accept a limited number of volunteers annually depending on programme needs. These positions are un-remunerated. Volunteers must be willing to commit to a work programme of at least 15 hours per week. Positions may include ongoing programme related support or project-related assignments. Volunteers require either Swiss citizenship or a valid Swiss work permit.


Applications must include individuals’ qualifications, curriculum vitae, letter of motivation (detailing their area of interest) and awriting or work sample. Included in the above, should be applicant’s nationality, work, educational experience, language ability and any other information deemed relevant to the position. Prospective Interns/Volunteers should contact ICTSD at least three months before the start of the hosting period.

Interns and volunteers are expected to produce a final report on their experience for ICTSD and the sponsoring institution. Interns/volunteers are to be assessed by their supervisor and the pertinent programme’s team leader and will receive a work certificate upon completion of their time at ICTSD.

Applications should be emailed to: or sent to Human Resources, ICTSD, 7 Chemin de Balexert, 1219 Châtelaine, Geneva, Switzerland.