21 July 2014


Several civil society groups provided reactions on the UN General Assembly's Open Working Group (OWG) on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) revised zero draft prior to the opening of the 13th session of the OWG. In the revised draft of introduction, goals and targets, which was issued on 30 June 2014, the number of targets was reduced from 212 to 107, plus 40 targets on means of implementation (MOI).

14 July 2014


Grøn frihandel

11 July 2014


By Peter Brun

Access to renewable energy will be easier if the World Trade Organisation removes tariffs on environmental goods

A meeting room in Geneva may seem a world away from the rural reaches of Africa and Asia, but the process that began at World Trade Organisation (WTO) headquarters earlier this week could affect millions around the globe.

11 July 2014


By Jennifer Freedman

(...) The EU has already liberalised trade in most of the products on the APEC list. But the bloc sees an eventual EGA as a stepping stone to helping Europe achieve other goals, said Monika Hencsey, head of unit for the European Commission’s Directorate General for trade.

10 July 2014


By James Murray

Critical talks are underway to bring an end to import tariffs on green goods and services, ending clean tech trade wars.

A little-noticed meeting in Geneva this week could result in the biggest single boost to the global green economy in years, as confidence grows that an international free-trade agreement for environmental goods could soon be agreed.

9 July 2014


By Finbarr Bermingham

Some of the world's most powerful economies are edging closer to an agreement on the free trade of up to $1tn (£584bn, €730bn) of environmental goods.

8 July 2014


By Shawn Donnan in London

(...) “The politics of the negotiations are very challenging,” said Ricardo Meléndez-Ortiz, chief executive of the Geneva-based International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD).

11 April 2014


By Shawn Donnan, World Trade Editor

When the Indian government introduced a plan to buy vast amounts of grain from its farmers and sell it at a heavily subsidised rate to 70 per cent of the population, it hailed it as a victory for the country’s poor.

4 March 2014


Vanessa Esteves , de Genebra

28 January 2014

Industry source says defining module origins according to their cell manufacture renders the summer's import cap meaningless. According to source, the remaining purely 'Chinese' modules will be far short of 7 GW.

27 January 2014


By Doug Palmer

The United States, European Union and a number of World Trade Organization members could agree this week to launch talks aimed at cutting tariffs on environmentally friendly technologies such as solar panels and wind turbines, building on an effort already underway in the Asia-Pacific region, U.S. industry officials said.