8 November 2016

The Financial Express


By Asjadul Kibria

28 October 2016



本网讯 10月27日,农业食品全球价值链与农业政策研讨会在京召开,农业部副部长屈冬玉出席会议并作主旨发言。

14 October 2016


By Eugenio Díaz-Bonilla and Jonathan Hepburn

Hace un año los países del mundo acordaron en las Naciones Unidas un audaz conjunto de objetivos globales (las Metas de Desarrollo Sostenible), que van desde acabar con la pobreza y el hambre hasta la lucha contra el cambio climático y la inseguridad. Sin embargo, hoy las perspectivas de cooperación mundial en muchos de estos temas aparecen más borrosas.

13 September 2016


By Zandre Campos


31 August 2016

World Economic Forum

By Shuaihua Cheng

This weekend, Hangzhou, a Chinese city famous for the Alibaba headquarters, kites and silk products, will host the latest G20 Summit.

18 August 2016


Business Wire

Environmental goods represent a trade market of approximately US$ 1trillion annually. Reducing barriers to trade and investment would support cost effectiveness and efficient decarbonisation of the energy sector leading to more sustainable and accessible energy systems, finds a new report by the World Energy Council.

9 August 2016

AFK Insider

By Dana Sanchez

Evelyn Uwera, a small-scale Rwandan dealer who imports clothes from Uganda and Kenya, usually has to convert her cash to dollars when she travels for cross-border trade, and then convert it back to local currency after the transaction.

4 August 2016

Com News China





4 August 2016





3 August 2016

Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China

WTO成员们将进入暑期休假,然而这个暑期是他们既熟悉又新鲜未知的。他们现在面临两个选择。一种是像在2013年巴厘岛和2015年内罗毕贸易部长会议的谈判那样,第三次确定既有的模式,而前面两次部长会议取得了实质、但并不可观的成果。另一种选择是,直面世贸组织所面临的多重挑战,重新设定WTO在世界贸易治理中的作用。即将在2017年底举行的WTO第11届部长大会提供了历史性的机遇,达成重要的成果来重新确立WTO 与增长、减贫和包容性以及低碳发展等优先项的紧密的相关性。


2 August 2016





1 August 2016

Global Times

By Huang Ge

12 July 2016


By Dana Sanchez

The top three investor economies to Africa in 2015 were the U.S., ($66 billion), the U.K. ($64 billion), and France ($52 billion), according to a new U.N. report.

12 July 2016

The Financial Times

By Alan Beattie

As the UK and the rest of the world adjust to last month’s historic vote to leave the EU, a big issue remains far from decided: what kind of relationship post-Brexit Britain will seek with the rest of the bloc.

One scenario much discussed by free traders within the Brexit ranks, as well as those who want a clean break with the rules of the EU, is known as World Trade Organisation access.

23 June 2016

China News Daily

By Ricardo Meléndez-Ortiz

China has highlighted "robust trade and investment" as a key theme in a document announcing the priorities for this year's G20 summit. China's 13th Five Year Plan aims to double its 2010 GDP per capita by 2020, signaling a continued opening up of the economy, alongside important domestic structural reforms. Chinese leadership of the G20 is acting on these priorities by championing the establishment of a groundbreaking trade and investment working group (TIWG).

31 March 2016

China’s nationwide ETS can have significant implications for the future of carbon markets worldwide, according to Jeff Swartz of carbon trading business association IETA. In a paper published for the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development, he examines how the presence of a Chinese ETS may affect competitiveness and carbon leakage concerns in other countries, and, related to that, the further uptake and ambition of carbon markets.

Read the original article at CARBON PULSE.

22 March 2016


31 January 2016

By Simon Lester

On Friday, ICTSD and WTI Adivisors hosted an excellent discussion of the US - Tuna II WTO Appellate Body report, with Lorand Bartels, Joel Trachtman, Iain Sandford, David Agnew, and Matthew Owens as speakers. You can view the recording here

27 January 2016


It's time for global trade rules to catch up with the explosive growth in digital trade over the past decade, a group of experts said in a new paper released today at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, our Doug Palmer reports. The proposals to address what has been dubbed “the newest battleground in international trade” include negotiating a digital trade agreement among willing members of the World Trade Organization and developing a dispute settlement mechanism.