Memory Dube

Senior Trade Officer in the NEPAD, Regional Integration and Trade Department at the African Development Bank.

Bridges news

17 May 2017
As regional economic integration gathers pace in Africa, how can trade facilitation be leveraged to spur the economic growth and development necessary for its implementation? Is the TFA the answer? Have you ever considered how competitive a country would be if donkeys and camels were the primary...
20 November 2016
Este artigo discute se o envolvimento econômico dos países emergentes no continente africano contribui para a agenda de integração regional. A autora analisa as formas como isso ocorre e como esse processo poderia ser alavancado.
23 September 2016
À l’heure où le processus d’intégration régionale s’accélère sur le continent africain, l’engagement économique croissant des pays émergents en Afrique favorise-t-il cette intégration? Après 2009, suite à la crise économique mondiale, l’Afrique a connu une intensification de ses relations...
15 September 2016
As the regional integration agenda in Africa gains speed, is the economic engagement of emerging economies on the continent contributing to that agenda? If so, how? If not, can it be leveraged to contribute? After 2009, in the aftermath of the global economic meltdown, Africa has witnessed growth...