Olga Ponizova


Olga Ponizova directs the program "Globalization, WTO and Sustainable Development", carried out since 2002 for countries of Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia. Twice awarded the title of National awards "Green Man of the Year”, and in 2008 - for the work on trade and sustainable development. Participates actively in the processes of sustainable development in Russia, the CIS level, UNECE and ESCAP. Participated in the UN Conference on Environment and Development (Rio 1992), the World Summit on Sustainable Development, Johannesburg, 2002 (Rio +10). In 2001-2004 was a member of the Asia-Pacific (a group of experts led by former Prime Minister Ryutaro Hosimoto). Was a member of the expert group that won the contest for the best concept for Russia's transition to sustainable development (1996). Served as a member of the National Preparatory Committee for the Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg (Rio +10), coordinated by an expert group to prepare the National Report Rio +10. Was a member of the International Preparatory Committee of the "Civil" during the presidency of Russia in the G8.Guided the direction of "trade, financing for development, the problems of Africa."Member of the Advisory Group on the promotion and interaction with the G8 and the G20.Member of the Expert Group under the Government of the Russian Federation to prepare proposals on actual problems of socio-economic strategy of Russia for the period until 2020.