Scott Kennedy

Professor and Director, RCCPB, Indiana University

Scott Kennedy (Ph.D., George Washington University, 2002) is the Director of the Research Center for Chinese Politics & Business (RCCPB), Associate Professor in the Departments of Political Science and East Asian Languages & Cultures, and Adjunct Professor in the Kelley School of Business’s Department of Business Economics and Public Policy at Indiana University. His research interests include government-business relations, policymaking, and global governance.

He is editor of Beyond the Middle Kingdom: Comparative Perspectives on China’s Capitalist Transformation (Stanford University Press, 2011); author of The Business of Lobbying in China (Harvard University Press, 2005); and editor of China Cross Talk: The American Debate over China Policy since Normalization: A Reader (Rowman & Littlefield, 2003). He has published articles in China Quarterly, China Journal, Journal of Contemporary China, China Economic Quarterly, Business and Society, Political Science Quarterly, World Policy Journal, and Problems of Post-Communism.