Ulrich Schoof

Head of the Global Economic Dynamics (GED) team within the Bertelsmann Foundation

Dr. Ulrich Schoof is heading the Global Economic Dynamics (GED) team within the Bertelsmann Foundation As senior project manager Ulrich specializes on international trade and economic integration issues. Hs focus is on the effects of free trade agreements and initiatives such as the TTIP, TPP or the EU single market. Ulrich has a master’s degrees in European studies from the University of Osnabrück, Germany, and a further master’s in business administration from the École Supérieure de Commerce of Poitiers, France. He obtained a PhD through an academic program run by the German Research Foundation (DFG). Before joining the Bertelsmann Foundation Ulrich worked for the International Labour Organisation (ILO), the EU-Commission and the European Parliament.

Bridges news

28 April 2016
Quel sera l’impact économique des accords commerciaux méga-régionaux pour l’Afrique ? Et comment leurs signataires pourraient œuvre en faveur d’un commerce futur plus inclusif à l’égard des économies africaines ? Le monde du commerce international est en train de changer comme jamais auparavant...
18 April 2016
This article serves to explore and evaluate the economic effects of planned mega-regional free trade agreements on Africa, as well as to give specific policy advice to their members in order to make future trade more inclusive towards African economies. The world of global trade is changing in a...