19 December 2011

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ROLE OF OPEN INNOVATION MODELS AND IPR IN TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER IN THE CONTEXT OF CLIMATE CHANGE MITIGATION. Published by UNEP Riso Centre (December 2011) in the edited volume, "Diffusion of Renewable Energy Technologies." This paper presents alternative models that can be used to address the delicate balance between technology transfer for climate change mitigation and intellectual property rights (IPR). It evaluates the scope and limitations of Open Innovation and Open Source Models for technology transfer, as well as various other options such as patent pools and clearinghouses. The paper suggests that Open Innovation Models can play an important role in technology transfer for climate change mitigation. The paper is available for free download online.

AN ITERATIVE REFERENCE LIST OF CLIMATE CHANGE: SCIENCE, POLICY & RELATED INFORMATION. Published by Zoological Society of London (ZSL) and CBSG / WAZA Climate Change Task Force (2011). The aim of this extensively updated reference list is to improve access to the best available information for determining the state of climate science and its implications for policy. There is particular focus on climate ‘forcings', feedbacks and sensitivities, together with their associated impact and responses. Directories are also included of institutions, specialists, other reference sites and programme initiatives. Where available, abstracts for journal publications are included, and all references are associated with live links. The report is available online.

1 May 2015
African heads of state, experts, and policymakers – gathered for the International Conference on Illegal Trade in Wild Fauna and Flora in Africa from April 27-30 in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo –...
7 May 2015
The European Commission has confirmed plans to start an investigation into the “minimum import price” that has served as the basis of the hard-won price undertaking deal between the EU and Chinese...