1 September 2014

Advice on the Probable Economic Effect of Providing Duty-Free Treatment for Imports – ICTSD – August 2014

In April 2014, the International Trade Commission of the United States opened an investigation into the potential economic effects of a trade agreement on environmental goods, EGA. The investigation will culminate in a confidential report to the Office of the US Trade Representative, to be delivered in August. ICTSD made a written submission as a contribution to that process, highlighting steps and measures that can be undertaken in the upcoming negotiation so that the resulting agreement will contribute positively to climate action by allowing for improved markets and thus facilitating a scale up of renewable energy.


International Regulation of Pharmaceuticals: Codification by Means of Legal Transplantation – ICTSD – July 2014

This  Information Note  draws on the introductory chapter of the book Intellectual Property, Competition and Regulatory Aspects of Medicines, jointly published in 2013, in Spanish, by Universidad Javeriana and ICTSD.


Intellectual Property, Competition and Regulatory Aspects of Medicines: International Determinants and Public Policy – ICTSD – July 2014

The book’s fourteen chapters offer a comprehensive overview of the legal aspects of the pharmaceutical chain, which are key to the development of new drugs and access to medicines.


Measurement of Trade and Innovation: Issues and Challenges – ICTSD – July 2014

This think piece focuses on the measurement of trade-related aspects of innovation and creativity in the broader context of a rules-based multilateral trading system. It takes stock of recent and current developments in international trade indicators and their linkage to innovation; encourages international organizations and countries to improve the collection, compilation, and dissemination of data relevant to both trade and innovation; and finds ways to better inform the negotiating process in the WTO to make the multilateral trading system more conducive to the development of innovation capabilities and results.


Competition Analyses of Licensing Agreements: Considerations for Developing Countries under TRIPS – ICTSD – July 2014

The paper seeks to draw implications for developing countries particularly as many of them have adopted some features of the Japanese model but without necessarily paying sufficient attention to how this model evolved over time with changes in the country’s industrial development and technology transfer policies as it went from being a net technology importer to a technological leader.


Post-2015 Development Agenda Briefing Series – ICTSD – June 2014

The Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals was established by the United Nations General Assembly to provide recommendations for a set of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as part of the Post-2015 Development Agenda. ICTSD’s Post-2015 Development Agenda Briefing Series, based on submissions to the Open Working Group, summarises research on the role of trade in meeting sustainable development objectives, including addressing the challenges of climate change and sustainable fisheries, and through Aid for Trade.

Food Security and WTO Domestic Support Disciplines post-Bali—ICTSD—June 2014

Trade ministers in Bali agreed an interim solution to the problem of food security and WTO domestic support disciplines, but also committed to begin discussions on a "permanent solution" once the ministerial conference ended. This paper seeks to help negotiators and policy-makers in their journey down this road, by providing a careful overview of the background to the discussions in this area, discussing the interim agreement in Bali, and by reviewing options that members could consider as they examine how best to craft a permanent solution to the problem that members face in this area.

Public Stockholding for Food Security Purposes: Scenarios and Options for a Permanent Solution—ICTSD—June 2014

This paper, by Raul Montemayor, explores how various scenarios could affect the measurement of domestic support under WTO rules. The simulations suggest that a strict application of current rules could lead most of the developing countries examined in the study to breach current ceilings, but that more commodities in more countries would fall within existing limits if this support were assessed and calculated differently.

Agricultural Export Restrictions, Food Security and the WTO—ICTSD—June 2014

Export restrictions can exacerbate the negative effects on food insecurity when an unexpected, rapid increase in food staple prices occurs. This short information note examines six possible options for a WTO agreement on export restrictions, with a view to ensuring that agricultural export restrictions do not inadvertently exacerbate the effect of price shocks on vulnerable consumers in low-income, food-deficit countries.

The 2014 Agricultural Act: U.S. Farm Policy in the context of the 1994 Marrakesh Agreement and the Doha Round—ICTSD—June 2014

This paper by Vincent H. Smith analyses the domestic support programmes of the new US Agricultural Act in the light of current WTO rules and the on-going Doha Round negotiations. The paper finds that the new programs are unlikely to prevent the US from complying with current WTO commitments, but could make it more difficult for Washington to agree to future reductions in agricultural domestic support ceilings in a new WTO agreement.

Linking Emissions Trading Schemes: Considerations and Recommendations for a Joint EU-Korean Carbon Market — ICTSD — March 2014

This paper analyses the case for a link between the EU ETS and the upcoming South Korean ETS. The authors, Sonja Hawkins and Ingrid Jegou, placed the linkage debate in the larger context of international cooperation on climate change.

The Shale Gas Revolution — ICTSD — March 2014

This paper, authored by Thomas L. Brewer, a senior fellow of ICTSD, sheds light on these complex issues and calls on governments, industry and international agencies to evaluate the full effects of shale gas on the environment and climate change to determine how it can best fit into a sustainable development agenda.

Agriculture and Food Security Group: A Post-Bali Food Security Agenda – ICTSD – February 2014

This policy analysis paper was prepared for the E15 Agriculture and Food Security Group by Theme Leader, Stefan Tangermann. The paper builds on group discussions of the proposals and analysis submitted to the group and subsequently discussed. Initiated by ICTSD in 2011, the E15 Initiative is a partnership of the ICTSD and the World Economic Forum to create a non-partisan, expert-led multistakeholder dialogue aimed at exploring options for strengthening the governance and functioning of the multilateral trade system.

Evaluating Aid for Trade on the Ground: Lessons from Bangladesh — ICTSD —December 2013

This study assesses the effectiveness and impact of AfT in Bangladesh. By doing so, it also tries to identify the reasons of the decline in disbursements which is quite uncommon among other least developed countries. The study argues that the results of AfT are somewhat mixed for Bangladesh. More important, the study shows that the lack of efficient administrative mechanisms, limited human capacity, political instability, and stringent donor requirements are major reasons for low absorption capacity.

International Trade and Access to Sustainable Energy Issues and Lessons from Country Experiences — ICTSD — December 2013

This paper explores, among other things, how some trade-related barriers could be addressed within the context of a sustainable energy trade agreement for a positive impact on expanding access to sustainable energy.



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