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24 April 2018

Fisheries Subsidies Rules at the WTO: A Compilation of Evidence and Analysis – ICTSD – April 2018

At the WTO’s Eleventh Ministerial Conference in December 2017, ministers adopted a Decision on Fisheries Subsidies directing negotiators to continue talks with a view to adopting an agreement by 2019, the year of the next ministerial conference. The ministerial decision also specifically re-commits WTO members to implementing their existing notification obligations in order to strengthen transparency of the subsidies provided to fishing. The papers in this compilation aim to respond to some of the technical and legal questions the negotiations have brought up.  

Our Shared Prosperous Future – All-Party Parliamentary Group For Trade Out of Poverty and ODI – April 2018

This document is the final report of the Inquiry into the potential of the Commonwealth for lifting people out of poverty through enhanced trade and investment, which was commissioned by the UK All Party Parliamentary Group for Trade Out of Poverty. It introduces the inquiry, presents the case for a new Commonwealth agenda on trade for development, identify priority areas for future action, and offers recommendations on the way forward.

Distributed Ledger Technology: Opportunities for Africa’s Trade – Tralac – April 2018

This Trade Brief introduces the reader to the concept of distributed ledger technology, particularly its application in the blockchain, and provides an overview of how this technology works, a brief history of its adoption, and reflections on prospects for future use and its relevance in the trading economy of Africa. The paper then highlights the challenges, potential applications and opportunities for adopting this technology in the African economy as well as its potential in simplifying the value and supply chain in trade.

Promoting Capability Enhancing Development – ICTSD – March 2018

The WTO's Eleventh Ministerial Conference did not deliver on special and differential treatment (S&DT). Partly, this is because the debate on S&DT and policy space rests on different views on the optimal nature and scope of trade policies, and on the role of governments in promoting structural transformation. The discussions presented in this policy brief bring to light the need to acknowledge the rising call from a number of lower income developing countries to consider ways in which multilateral trade rules can best support the design of trade and trade-related policies enabling of economic transformation.

The Least Developed Countries Report 2017: Transformational Energy Access – UNCTAD – November 2017

Ensuring universal access to modern energy is one of the Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs) and is also a condition for achieving several other SDGs. However, the discourse has so far focused mainly on households' access to modern energy and related environmental implications, neglecting the economic dimension of modern energy access. This report highlights the potential for a mutually supportive relationship between access to modern energy and structural transformation, and identifies key challenges in accelerating the deployment of modern energy technologies in the LDCs.

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