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4 July 2013

Addressing Local Content Requirements in a Sustainable Energy Trade Agreement - ICTSD - June 2013

Building upon a previous ICTSD-paper on LCRs as well as on recent research by the Peterson Institute, this research paper puts forward a series of innovative recommendations on how to phase out local content requirements so as to comply with current trade-rules. The article, authored by ICTSD Senior Fellow Sherry Stephenson, acknowledges the need for a smooth transition in stimulating the supply of renewable energy and highlights other policy measures which may be preferred, both from a legal and economic perspective.

Cotton: Trends in Global Production, Trade and Policy - ICSTD - June 2013

After years of negotiations and even a framework resolution to a pivotal trade dispute, cotton still remains a critical concern for countries at the World Trade Organization. However, historically high prices, and evolving trade patterns may change the role of price depressing subsidies provided by developed countries in discussions on the fibre. New legislation in the United States is anticipated to address the WTO dispute with Brazil and is likely to be the single most important policy change to affect the commodity in the near term. This note aims to summarize recent ICTSD research on proposed changes in US policy while offering recommendations based on changes in global production and trade.

IP Trends in African LDCs and the LDC TRIPS Transition Extension - ICTSD - June


This Policy Brief by Fikremarkos Merso (Addis Ababa University School of Law) provides an overview of the intellectual property landscape in African LDCs, in the context of the current LDC TRIPS extension debate. The brief shows that African LDCs are at different stages with regard to TRIPS implementation and they continue to face immense challenges towards building their technological base, thus their need for continuous flexibility and policy space.

Technical Note: The LDC TRIPS Transition Extension and the Question of Rollback

- ICTSD - May 2013

When the WTO agreements entered into force in 1995, LDCs were given until 1 January 2006 to implement the obligations contained in the then-newly adopted TRIPS Agreement. In 2002, the LDC transition period was extended until 2016 for pharmaceutical patents, with a later decision in 2005 extending the period for all intellectual property rights until July 2013. The 2005 decision also had a "no roll back provision" providing that LDCs should not implement policies during the transition period with a "lesser degree of consistency with the provisions of the TRIPS Agreement."This Policy Brief, considers the technicalities of the no-rollback issue bearing in mind the legislative history of the TRIPS Agreement and its implications for LDCs.

ICTSD Profile 2013: Pursuing Sustainability in the Global Economy- ICTSD - May 2013

International policy frameworks can be powerful drivers of systemic change. Since 1996, ICTSD has worked with policymakers, advocates and business, and leading thinkers globally and regionally to ensure that trade related policies contribute to a fairer and more sustainable global economy. The ICTSD Profile 2013 offers a strategic view of this complex and evolving landscape of policy development and shows how ICTSD and a global network of actors collaborate to achieve these objectives.

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