6 June 2013

BRUSSELS BRIEFING ON ENERGY: MAY 2013. Produced by viEUws (May 2013). This video covers the outcome of the 22 May Energy Summit, as well as topics such as the internal energy market, Chinese solar panels, unbundling rules, research, development, and innovation. The briefing, conducted by energy journalist Hughes Belin, outlines how EU leaders are working to adopt energy efficiency measures and standards in order to diversify the supply chain for smart meter distributors and to pursue integration of energy markets. To watch the video, click here.

A MISGUIDED FIX ON SOLAR PANELS? By Gary Clyde Hufbauer for the Peterson Institute for International Economics (May 2013). This interview with Hufbauer explores the recent controversy behind the anti-dumping duties on imports of solar panels from China. Hufbauer argues that a rumoured US-EU-China accord to raise solar panel prices could end up harming consumers and the solar energy industry. To learn more, please access the video here.

SCALING UP FINANCE MECHANISMS FOR BIODIVERSITY. Published by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) (May 2013) This report examines six mechanisms that can be used to scale-up financing for biodiversity conservation and sustainable use and to help meet the 2011-2020 Aichi Biodiversity Targets - namely environmental fiscal reform, payments for ecosystem services, biodiversity offsets, green markets, biodiversity in climate change funding, and biodiversity in international development finance. Covering more than 40 global case studies, the book addresses the features, financing, and scaling potential of the mechanisms. The authors also suggest how to design and implement mechanisms in a way that is environmentally effective, economically efficient, and distributionally equitable. To read the report in full, click here.

GLOBAL BIOFUEL TRADE: HOW UNCOORDINATED BIOFUEL POLICY FUELS RESOURCE USE AND GHG EMISSIONS. By Seth Meyer, Josef Schmidhuber and Jesús Barreiro-Hurlé for the International Centre of Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD) (May 2013). This paper explores the issue of growth in global biofuels trade. It first analyses how the growth in global intra-industry biofuels trade arises due to uncoordinated environmental legislation in separate markets and jurisdictions. Recognising that policymakers are searching for best practices that can align environmental goals with broader public policy goals, such as the need to reduce poverty, enhance food security, and expand access to energy and improved technologies, the authors recommend that governments establish a "book and claim" system to help improve efficiency in markets and cut emissions.The full report is available here.

DG TRADE STATISTICAL POCKET GUIDE. Published by the European Commission. (May 2013) This guide contains selected tables and graphs that outline the current state of and recent developments in the European Union's foreign trade with the rest of the world. Published by the statistical office of the EU (Eurostat) in collaboration with the World Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF), UN, and WTO, statistics covered include trade in goods, trade in services and foreign direct investment. The full report can be found here.

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6 June 2013
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