14 July 2016

WORLD TRADE OUTLOOK INDICATOR. Published by the World Trade Organization (July 2016). This new tool has been established in order to give “real time” information relating to international trade developments, with the indicator to be updated every quarter. The tool, along with projections for the third quarter of 2016, can be accessed here.

OECD BUSINESS AND FINANCE OUTLOOK 2016. Published by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (June 2016). This publication reviews the implications for productivity growth and efficiency in a context where legal, policy, and industry frameworks show significant inconsistencies. The topics addressed within this analysis include the impact of investment agreements on business; how this “fragmentation” can affect financial support for clean energy; and what fiscal incentives may be available for research and development. The report can be accessed here.

TODAY’S TRADE POLICY AND TRADE RESEARCH. By Chad P. Bown and Meredith Crowly for the Peterson Institute for International Economics (June 2016). This article, which was also featured on VOX CEPR’s Policy Portal, reviews various databases in order to examine possible trends in several economies. The authors discuss whether some countries have a greater tendency toward trade liberalisation, along with which domestic industries tend to be the most protected.  The article is available here.

SUPPLY CHAIN FINANCE AND SMES: EVIDENCE FROM INTERNATIONAL FACTORING DATA. By Marc Auboin, Harry Smythe, and Robert Teh for the World Trade Organization (July 2016). This working paper reviews the current financing landscape for small and medium-sized companies, particularly developing and emerging economies. The authors also address the ramifications the global financial crisis has had in this context. The paper is available here.

LEAVING NO ONE BEHIND: A CRITICAL PATH FOR THE FIRST 1,000 DAYS OF THE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS. Published by the Overseas Development Institute (July 2016). This new report aims to chart a path for setting the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into action during their initial years, in order to ensure long-term success. The report, along with a summary document, is available here.

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7 July 2016
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14 July 2016
Coming Soon 17-22 July, Nairobi, Kenya. FOURTEENTH SESSION OF THE UNITED NATIONS CONFERENCE ON TRADE AND DEVELOPMENT (UNCTAD). This high-level event will place a particular focus on the role which...