15 December 2009


30-3       18th Session of the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly meeting, Luanda, Angola

1-2          EPA information seminar in the EAC region, Nairobi, Kenya

1-3          Meeting of the UEMOA / ECOWAS Joint Technical Secretariat, Abuja, Nigeria
1-3          UN conference on South-South Cooperation, Nairobi, Kenya

3-4        UNIDO Ministerial Conference for LDCs, Vienna, Austria

6-8          AERC Conference on Rethinking African Economic Policy in Light of the Global Economic and Financial Crisis, Nairobi, Kenya

7            Ministerial Meeting of the ESA group on the EPA and the way forward, Lusaka, Zambia

7-8        COMESA Council of Ministers meeting, Lusaka, Zambia

7-11      EU-EAC Technical and Senior Officials meetings, Nairobi, Kenya

7-11       13th UNIDO General Conference on "green industries" and the opportunities for developing countries, Vienna, Austria

7-18       15th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP 15) on Climate Change, Copenhagen, Denmark

10-11     3rd ACP Civil Society Forum, Brussels, Belgium

10-11    EPA information seminar in the ESA region, Harare, Zimbabwe

13-15     EMRC Africa Finance and Investment Forum 2009, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

21           ECOWAS Summit of Heads of State and Government, Abuja, Nigeria


13     Implementing the CARIFORUM-EC EPA - Positioning Jamaican Exports for the Future, Kingston, Jamaica

To be confirmed

First EU-Caribbean Joint Ministerial Council, Barbados (venue tbc)

CEMAC and EC technical level negotiating meeting, Brussels, Belgium (venue tbc)

ESA technical negotiating meeting, Lusaka, Zambia.

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15 December 2009
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15 December 2009
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