Last issue of TNI: ICTSD introduces BRIDGES Africa, and ECDPM presents GREAT insights

9 December 2011

Dear TNI / Eclairage reader,

After ten successful years, we have decided to stop producing Trade Negotiations Insights and Eclairage at the end of this year. This is the final issue.  We thank you for your interest in our coverage of (nearly!) everything related to trade and sustainable development, and hope that TNI / Eclairage were helpful for your work.

But there is reason to rejoice! From January 2012, The European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM) and the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD) will provide TNI / Eclairage readers with new publications. We feel they will serve you better by more effectively addressing the regional and global trade and sustainable development reality as it has evolved over the past decade.

ICTSD will expand its coverage of the African, Caribbean and Pacific regions, responding to reader demands for more detailed and region-specific analysis. African issues will be covered in a new monthly periodical called BRIDGES Africa in English; and we will also continue production of our unique Francophone African publication Passerelles. As a complement to these analyses we will produce a continuous flow of insightful news related to African trade and development issues available online starting in January 2012. (

ICTSD will also expand its coverage of the Asia Pacific region with BRIDGES Asia Pacific while coverage of the Caribbean region will continue through Bridges and Puentes. In addition a new thematic news stream BRIDGES Integration will cover regional and bilateral trade and integration agreements globally. Each of these publications will bring you original and top quality analysis from the regions with the cross cutting analysis and context that readers expect from the Bridges series.

ECDPM introduces GREAT Insights, a new monthly which will focus on Governance, Regional integration, Agriculture and Trade issues in Africa and other developing countries, hence broadening the scope of the current TNI. Naturally, trade and development issues will continue to feature prominently, and the regular EPA Update will remain. GREAT Insights will gather expert analysis and commentary from a wide variety of stakeholders with different perspectives. We will release the first issue in late January, and cover the African Union Summit on Intra-African trade (

As a TNI subscriber, you will continue receiving BRIDGES Africa and GREAT insights.  If you are not a current subscriber these publications, you can subscribe for BRIDGES Africa or for GREAT Insights. You can also register for ICTSD new resources here or ECDPM resources.

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9 December 2011
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