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No longer a new concept, global and regional value chains (GVCs and RVCs) are a recognised part of the market landscape. Nonetheless, value chains are not well understood in the policy world: they are highly diverse and their functioning is not well understood systemically. A key question is whether and how participation in GVCs and RVCs can help achieve sustainable development objectives.

This seminar will look at recent empirical work in the area to advance understanding on GVCs and RVCs and the potential implications for pursuing such objectives through trade-related policies.

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Background information

Emerging evidence in recent years indicates that participation in global value chains (GVCs) could help countries to generate economic growth while building innovation, skills enhancement, and market development that can underpin national development processes.

For smaller firms from developing economies, value chains offer the possibility of entering the global market on a less costly basis and one more suited to their conditions and advantages. Value chains sidestep the need for these firms to acquire a competitive advantage for an entire product; instead, they can specialise on a single ”task” within the value chain.

The value chain narrative provides a different way of thinking about trade and development, but the extent to which it is useful will depend on two things: policymakers will need to understand how values chains work and their economic and social implications; and to the extent they are perceived as being supportive of national priorities they must integrate this understanding into national strategies and policies domestically and into international frameworks.

This seminar will be geared towards exploring the potential trade and value chain linkages in achieving both systemic and national objectives. Additionally, it will be an opportunity to highlight potential competitiveness opportunities and demands and the complementary role of Aid for Trade in responding to these needs.

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Geneva, Switzerland
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This seminar is organised jointly with the OECD

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Thursday, 23 April 2015 - 12:16pm