International technology transfer: Current implementation and future course of action

27 March 2014
Chemin de Balexert 7, 1219 Geneva, Switzerland

Improving technology transfer flows and arrangements directed towards developing countries and LDCs has emerged as an important priority in a number of international forums such as the WTO, WIPO and beyond. It has also been a shared interest in the research agendas of ICTSD and the Centre for Global Development (CGD).

In this context, this expert meeting will discuss the draft of a new CGD paper entitled: ‘Europe Beyond Aid: Evaluating Europe’s contribution to the transfer of technology and knowledge to developing nations’ developed in cooperation with Walter Park (American University) and Owen Barder (CGD) who will present the paper at the dialogue. Beyond Europe, the meeting will also examine the status of current technology transfer discussions at both WTO and WIPO.