Meaningful Technology Transfer to LDCs: A Proposal for a Monitoring Mechanism for TRIPS Article 66.2

Date period
1 April 2011

SummaryThe question of whether TRIPS can be implemented in a manner conducive to technology transfer is becoming more urgent, as the end of the transition period for LDCs to implement TRIPS is rapidly approaching in 2013- 2016 for pharmaceutical patents.
Against this background, this policy brief revisits the question of TRIPS and technology transfer to the LDCs and the implementation of obligations under TRIPS Article 66.2. It updates and expands upon the analysis and recommendations contained in an earlier work by the author for ICTSD in 2008. It also outlines the main elements of a proposed monitoring mechanism to improve the functioning of Article 66.2 so as to induce more relevant, timely and sufficient transfer of technology to the LDCs.