The field of tech and IT is a very competitive one. Mainly to the fact that technology had advanced a lot in the last twenty years and at a rapid pace too. Where before a personal computer was a rarity, now it has become more of a necessity for someone to have their own PC or Laptop.

And the internet has also grown into an anomaly all its own. Moving from an obscure corner of tech society to becoming so important that many argue it is now a fundamental human right to have internet access. But we aren’t here to debate that. Instead, we are going to be looking at how to survive in the IT sector. Mainly by looking at 8 IT Services, you should offer your clients if you want to stay competitive in the IT Market.

Server Installation and Maintenance

Any company that is significantly large enough to need an in-house IT system will no doubt require servers. They will need to store all their business and client data. Employee records and documents. Manage rotas and allow all computers in the office/business to run on the same network. But servers are not easy things to install or to manage. The physical networking part alone can be complex and the software installation is a tiresome and confusing task. So if you can offer your clients a smooth and hassle-free server installation service then you stand to bring in a lot of clients. Especially if you offer warranty maintenance included.

Hardware Repair

No IT system can run without the hardware side of things. And the sad truth of any hardware system is it can break. It might be through a human’s fault. It may just be natural wear and tear or the ravages of time. But it is an unavoidable truth of hardware. So if your company is stocked with some engineers who can handle most hardware repairs then you are in a great position. If a client calls with what seems to be a software issue that then turns out to be hardware, if you can fix that then you won’t lose out on profit by having to refer them to another company that can.

Basic IT Support

The mainstay of any tech company. IT Support is the simplest and most effective way to bring in clients. It’s no secret that London IT support companies are some of the most profitable companies in the capital. Why? Because any company, no matter how small, that uses IT will need support at some point. This goes beyond the more specific ideas of server maintenance or hardware repair. These are all the bugs and crashes that can be solved over the phone. So having an in-house call center to handle tech issues is a great idea.

Network Security

There is not a company out there that scammers or thieves wouldn’t try to take advantage of. And the curse of our new digital age is they can now do it without ever leaving their homes. This is why network security has become more important than ever before. Particularly for larger companies where there is a greater chance of being hacked. So you should consider creating a cyber-security division that can go into businesses and beef up their security. This includes installing hardware firewalls on servers and running remote security checks if you want to really stand out.

System Overhauls

A lot of older businesses or smaller ones will sometimes be forced to set up their own internal IT systems to save money. And sometimes they will do a great job of it. Other times they won’t. And when they start to turn a profit they might consider bringing in some professionals to sort out their system. This is why you should offer system overhauls as one of your services. You and your team come in and re-organize and re-structure their current system into something made just for their business. Your expertise makes you invaluable so don’t sell yourself short. This more personalized service will really make you stand out.

Remote Server Hosting

Sometimes a company will need servers for their network but will not have the physical space to fit them or the ability to properly cool them once installed. This is where you come in. A lot of companies offer remote servers to other companies. As it says on the tin, you would have the physical server in your base of operations but the other company would connect to them remotely. There are issues that come with this of course, should the connect go down or the like. But it also presents some benefits to you. If there is a hardware issue you don’t have to pay travel costs to get an engineer out to fix it. Making the entire diagnostic and repair process a lot simpler.

Hardware Upgrades

Shopping for IT systems upgrades can be daunting for someone who isn’t specialized in IT. And when an entire company needs to change their hardware they can easily be conned or make the wrong choice. So you should act as the middle man. You would simply handle all the ordering and installation of the upgraded system for them, for a flat fee. This way they get a stellar system and you are opening yourself up to a wider client base.


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