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20 July 2017
The EU, Brazil, and three other Latin American countries have tabled a new proposal on farm subsidy reform for negotiation ahead of the WTO’s eleventh ministerial conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina, this December. Colombia, Peru, and Uruguay also co-sponsored the proposal, which was submitted...
20 July 2017
Negotiators have been examining an influx of new and updated proposals to establish WTO disciplines on harmful fisheries subsidies over the past week, as they prepare to enter the next stage of talks for a potential deal at the organisation’s ministerial conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina, later...
13 July 2017
As industry has moved to integrate and consolidate manufacturing, the application of domestic-centric regulations can engender unnecessary and duplicative actions and costs across...
6 July 2017
With no major regulatory leap forward in the shape of a multilateral or plurilateral digital trade agreement likely in the short term, interim knowledge and capacity-building steps by the G20 could be taken to boost the enabling environment for online goods and services trade, and keep alive...
26 July 2017
Miembros de la Organización Mundial del Comercio (OMC) circularon una nutrida serie de propuestas durante los tres días previos a la reunión abierta del Comité de Negociaciones Agrícolas. El diálogo busca establecer un plan de trabajo para la Undécima Conferencia Ministerial de la OMC, a realizarse...
25 July 2017
Очередное заседание Межправительственной комиссии по торгово-экономическому сотрудничеству Беларуси и Украины состоялось в Киеве 17 и 18 июля 2017 года. В рамках этого мероприятия стороны смогли обсудить ключевые вопросы двустороннего экономического взаимодействия и стимулирования торговли в таких...
25 July 2017
Twenty out of a total of 26 have now signed the agreement establishing the Tripartite Free Trade Area (TFTA), with Madagascar inking the document on 13 July 2017 in Antanarivo, the country’s capital city. Two days before, South Africa had signed the TFTA agreement during a meeting of the Tripartite...
24 July 2017
7月17日,美国贸易谈判代表发布了北美自贸协定(NAFTA)谈判目标,阐述了寻求改变现有协定的一系列领域。 NAFTA三个成员——美国、加拿大和墨西哥——的谈判人员计划于8月16日在华盛顿开始升级该协定的正式谈判。发布谈判目标,是2015 年两党国会贸易优先事项和责任法案所要求的,该法案也被称为贸易促进授权。(《桥周报》, 2015年7月2日) 该法案要求,美国贸易谈判代表在正式谈判开始之前至少三十天内公布“关于谈判具体目标的详细和全面的说明,并且描述,如果谈判成功,该协定将如何推动这些目标,使美国受益。” 解决贸易逆差问题 美国贸易谈判代表的这份17页的文件,...
21 July 2017
Entre 17 e 19 de julho, a Organização Mundial do Comércio (OMC) conduziu a sétima revisão de política comercial (TPR, sigla em inglês) do Brasil. De um lado, o relatório da revisão ressalta o engajamento do Brasil com o sistema global de comércio. De outro, aponta com preocupação para o elevado uso...
21 July 2017
La Organización Mundial del Comercio (OMC) llevó a cabo el séptimo examen de políticas y prácticas comerciales (TPR, por sus siglas en inglés) de Brasil entre el 17 y 19 de julio. La convocatoria es una oportunidad para que los restantes miembros de la OMC eleven preguntas al país examinado. El...
21 July 2017
Au cours de la semaine écoulée, les négociateurs ont examiné une série de propositions nouvelles ou actualisées pour la mise en place, au niveau de l’OMC, de disciplines relatives aux subventions à la pêche qui ont des effets préjudiciables, se préparant ainsi à entrer dans la phase suivante des...
21 July 2017
Последние данные, собранные экспертами Программы ООН по окружающей среде (ЮНЕП), демонстрируют значительный рост в объемах инвестиций, выделяемых странами «Большой двадцатки» на развитие «зеленых» технологий и поддержку мер по борьбе с климатическими изменениями. По подсчетам ЮНЕП, за 2016 г. на...
20 July 2017
The Office of the US Trade Representative (USTR) released a summary of its planned negotiating objectives for the upcoming renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) on Monday 17 July, outlining a series of areas where it would like to see changes to existing provisions or the...


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