Adetunji Babatunde

Lecturer in the Department of Economics, University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

Adetunji Babatunde holds an Economics B.Sc., a M.Sc. in Economics - where he gained the qualification of best Graduating Student University of Ibadan, Economics Class of 2000/2002 - and also a Ph.D. in Economics obtained at the University of Ibadan. His  areas of specialisation are, mainly, International Economics, Public Sector Economics, Quantitative Economics, Econometrics, while his previous work experiencies include the positions of Research Officer, Trade Policy Research and Training Programme - Department of Economics, University of Ibadan (August 2000-August 2002) - and of Lecturer - Department of Economics, University of Ibadan. He has taught several courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level. He has also provided several consultancies, among which: the National Factsheet on the Impact of EPAs on Selected Sectors of the Nigerian Economy - Consultancy Research for Oxfam GB International, Abuja, Nigeria (May, 2007); and on Nigeria in the Doha Trade Negotiations: Negotiation Options in Non-Agricultural Market Access (NAMA) - Consultancy research for International Lawyers and Economists Against Poverty (ILEAP), Toronto, Ontario, Canada Under Trade Policy Research and Training Programme, Department of Economics, University of Ibadan, Nigeria (June, 2007); and also, as chief consultant, on Niger State Economic Development Strategy - Niger State Government of Nigeria (December, 2008).

Bridges news

4 July 2012
The need to enhance intra-African trade among African countries led to the formation of the EAC-COMESA-SADC (East African Community; Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa and the Southern Africa Development Community) tripartite Free Trade Agreement (TFTA), as well as to the proposed 2017...