Alistair Smith

International Coordinator of Banana Link

Alistair Smith is the International Coordinator of Banana Link, set up in 1996 to campaign for a fair and sustainable banana trade. He is also a co-founder of the new World Banana Forum, created in 2009 as a space for governments, researchers and civil society to discuss the various problems facing the banana sector and work together to find common solutions.

Bridges news

4 September 2008
Juste à temps, semble-t-il, toutes les parties en conflit - à l'exception d'une minorité de gouvernements européens dirigés par l'Espagne - ont accepté l'Accord sur la banane négocié fin juillet, à Genève, durant les discussions commerciales mondiales. Le Conseil général de l'OMC du 30 juillet...
4 September 2008
Just in the nick of time, it seemed, all the warring parties - with the exception of a minority of European governments led by Spain - accepted the banana agreement brokered at the world trade talks in Geneva in late July. The WTO General Council of July 30 was set to enshrine an agreement to...