Anna Jerzewska

Independent Consultant

Anna Jerzewska is a free trade agreements specialist working as a global trade and customs consultant in the private sector. She works closely with clients across a number of industries advising on a wide range of global trade and investment issues: customs classification, customs valuation, origin determination, etc. Anna specialises in FTAs, rules of origin and trading under preferential tariffs. Recently, Anna has been advising clients on the possible trading models post-Brexit. Anna holds a PhD in International Political Economy with a specialisation in Free Trade Agreements in East Asia.


2 March 2017
When the UK exits the EU, it will forfeit access to the Pan-Euro-Med (PEM) cumulation zone. In this article, the author examines the potential implications of Brexit on cumulation of origin, particularly with regard to the UK textiles industry, and outlines related aspects that the UK must weigh up...
15 February 2017
In November, ICTSD and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) organised a dialogue on inclusive rules of origin as part of the RTA Exchange project. Access to preferential import tariffs under free trade agreements (FTAs) is governed by rules of origin designed to be a non-tariff barrier to...

Bridges news

27 March 2017
自由贸易协定(FTAs)中的优惠进口关税使用,受到原产地规则的管理,这些规则最初是用于防止协定外成员享受FTA安排中的优惠关税而设置的非关税壁垒。不符合原产地标准的商品不能从FTA优惠关税中受益。 在实践中,除了履行原产地规则之外,一个公司的贸易偏好还受限于许多条件和要求。这些要求中部分包含在FTA文本中。例如,规定为证明遵守原产地规则需要提交文件证据,或所需种类的原产地证书和有效期限。其他条件还包括操作性和/或管理性的内容,涉及地方立法或地方海关对原产地条款的解释,例如,获得批准的出口商授权规则或要求在进口时提交某些文件。 这些要求和条款被视为更宽泛意义上的特惠原产地制度架构,...