Brendan Vickers

Head, Research and Policy International Trade and Economic Development (ITED)

Dr Brendan Vickers is a research associate on dynamics that underpin global economic multilateralism including trade and development, international finance and economic government. He is the Head of Research and Policy in the International Trade and Economic Development (ITED) division of the Department of Trade and Industry. Prior to joining the department, he was the Programme Director for Global Economy and Development at the Institute for Global Dialogue (IGD), one of South Africa’s leading international relations think-tanks. He previously also served as the Deputy Director responsible for International Relations and Trade in the Office of the President in South Africa.

Bridges news

6 May 2015
In addition to the severe effects of Ebola, the virus has implications for trade, investment, and regional integration in West Africa. What can be done to revitalise trade in West Africa in a post Ebola context? The outbreak of the Ebola virus in parts of West Africa has been widely declared a...
27 November 2013
Este artigo esclarece o que está em jogo na geometria plurilateral de acordos de comércio, uma das principais alternativas em voga diante do impasse nas negociações da Rodada Doha. O autor discute diferentes modelos de acordos plurilaterais e, com atenção especial a demandas por eficiência,...
22 November 2012
One of the highly contested and controversial areas of the international climate change negotiations involves the economic and social consequences of response measures. In broad terms, "response measures" refers to the range of actions that developed country parties to the United Nations Framework...