Cambodochine Dao

Economist, Cambodian Legal Research Development Centre

Cambodochine is an Economic and Trade Development Strategist with more than twenty years of experience, building first upon fifteen years experience in financial market, investment banking, economic and business development with the private sector in the US, and the last eight years as consultant in Kingdom of Cambodia.

He has experience in the US encompassing corporate finance and capital formation for small and medium enterprises in the high tech and consumer goods sectors. As an investment bankers for a boutique brokerage house and investment banking Pru-Bache, Hewas directly involved and supervised the activities of junior bankers in the financing activities for private clients such as;

1. Start-ups;
2. Recapitalization;
3. Private and public offering of debts and equities;
4. Mergers and acquisitions;
5. Leverage and/or management buyout; and
6. Venture Capital.

Cambodochine also worked as Consultant to the Royal Government of Cambodia, particularly in the MoC, MoT, MAFF, and MoWA, on economic and trade policies, rural and sector al development, and gender issues. He was also a financial market and investment banking consultant with SARlN and Associates legal consulting and corporate services in commercial, international trade, and banking and investment advisory services.

Moreover, he had a key role in other policy studies and researches pertinent to trade, economic, and legal issues. For example; co-researcher and co-author for Lessons Learned from Cambodia's Negotiations and Entry to WTO (ADB Institute, Tokyo, Japan), and co-editor for Fundamentals of Commercial Law and Business Enterprises (ADBI Ministry of Commerce).

His other specific accomplishments included designing and implementing:
(1) public and private partnership at the national and provincial level;
(2) project development/implement process utilizing a strategic planning framework for prioritizing actions plan and initiatives proposals;
(3) monitoring and evaluation system covering not only inputs and outputs but also target and impact measures;
(4) public forums to debate and advocate lessons learned from process and impact evaluations;
(5) policy guidelines redefining organizational roles and relationships within and among the public and private sector.

Cambodochine is fluent in Khmer, English and Vietnamese. He graduated with following degrees:
- MS - Macro Economics, American University, Washington, DC, 1990
- CFP - Certified Financial Planner, American College, BrywnMawrs, PA, 1988
- BS - Business Finance, University of Maryland University College, College Park, MD, 1987