Carlos Pomareda

Executive President, Servicios Internacionales para el Desarrollo Empresarial (SIDE)

Carlos Pomareda holds a PhD in Agricultural Economics, he has assumed leadership positions as President of the Peruvian Agricultural Economics Association and the Latin American and Caribbean Agricultural Economics Association. Dr Pomareda has been Leader of the Agroeconomics Program in Peru, Director of the Policy and Planning Program at the Inter-American Institute of Agricultural Sciences (IICA) and currently he is the Executive President of Servicios Internacionales para el Desarrollo Empresarial, an Associate of ISNAR, Member of the Steering Committee of the World Bank/FAO Livestock and Environment Initiative and Consultant for several international organizations, governments and firms.

Bridges news

6 October 2010
Carlos Pomareda* y Joaquim Arias** Entre los primeros meses del año 2007 y casi hasta finales de 2008, los precios internacionales de los productos agropecuarios básicos tuvieron un alza inusitada que coincidió con varios procesos y dio origen a diversas medidas de política de los gobiernos. A...
22 March 2010
In their effort to guarantee that the benefits of marketable products created from biodiversity in Andean countries [1] are developed responsibly and stay within control of their owners, governments could make use of various protective instruments, including Geographical Indications (GIs). There is...