Crawford Falconer

Professor of International Trade at Lincoln University and former New Zealand Ambassador to the WTO

Crawford Falconer is currently Sir Graeme Harrison Professorial Chair in Global Value Chains and Trade at Lincoln University, New Zealand. After leaving the New Zealand Government in 2012, he led an OECD project on Services Trade (The Services Trade Restrictiveness Index-STRI) and Trade in Value Added (TIVA). From 2009-12 , as Deputy Secretary of New Zealand's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, he was New Zealand's senior official  for International Trade and Economic Affairs. Prior to that he was New Zealand Ambassador to the WTO in Geneva from 2005-2008. During that time he  Chaired the Doha Round Agriculture negotiating Group and the Doha Cotton negotiations in a personal capacity. Over the previous 20 years he held positions in Wellington and Geneva for the New Zealand Government, as well as working independently at  the OECD and the New Zealand Institute for Policy Studies. He is also  a past Chair of the OECD Trade Committee, the WTO Subsidies Committee and, In a personal capacity, he has been a judge on over 15  WTO international  trade disputes.


14 December 2015
The major developed economies, whatever they may say in public about it, have by now lost interest in pursuing the WTO Round (aka the Doha Development Agenda (DDA)) in its present form anymore. It is perhaps less clear with developing countries. Certainly a very large number at least say that they...