Henry Derwent

Senior Advisor, Climate Strategies.

Henry Derwent is Senior Advisor at Climate Strategies, the London-based international research grouping of universities and think-tanks focussed on the interface between climate and energy research and the policy world.

Henry was CEO of the International Emissions Trading Association for five years before joining Climate Strategies, and remains Honorary Vice-President there.  Before IETA, he was for a long period the UK Government’s lead official on international, European and domestic climate change and other environmental pollution issues, including a spell in 10 Downing Street.

Bridges news

1 December 2015
This article provides a rough guide to the collective reflections of the climate community when considering the relationship between mitigation and the multilateral trade regime. Climate is, in economic terms, an externality. The pursuit of conventional economic growth, particularly through...
27 November 2015
En términos económicos, el clima es una externalidad. La búsqueda convencional de crecimiento económico, específicamente a través de la producción y procesos energéticos puede generar cambios progresivos no deseados en la biósfera. Es más, incluso si dichos cambios y efectos generan costos, estos...