Inu Manak

Visiting Scholar, Cato Institute

Inu Manak is a visiting scholar at the Cato Institute and a Ph.D. Candidate at Georgetown University, Department of Government, specialising in international political economy, with an emphasis on trade and development. Her research focuses on the escalation of early stage trade conflicts and the role of private actors at the World Trade Organization, and challenges to legal capacity building in developing countries. Manak earned an M.A. in international affairs at American University and a B.A. in political science at Simon Fraser University.


7 March 2018
The renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) provides a path for institutional innovation. This post argues that the institutions that were created by NAFTA have either not functioned well, or been insufficiently used, and that the opportunity to improve the institutions...

Bridges news

11 April 2018
Partindo da ideia de que a precariedade das negociações do NAFTA contribui para tornar o comércio regional mais instável, os autores discutem três eixos por meio dos quais as instituições do bloco poderiam ser fortalecidas: solução de controvérsias; governança; e cooperação continental.
22 March 2018
Partiendo de la idea de que la precariedad de las negociaciones del NAFTA contribuye a tornar el comercio regional más inestable, los autores discuten tres ejes por medio de los cuales se podrían fortalecer las instituciones del NAFTA: solución de diferencias; gobernanza; y cooperación continental.