Jakob Vestergaard

Senior Researcher, Global Transformations, Danish Institute for International Studies

Jakob Vestergaard is Senior Researcher, Global Transformations, at the Danish Institute for International Studies. His research focuses on changing policy norms for economic development and financial stability in the wake of the global financial crisis. Currently he is engaged in three distinct research projects: one project on the political economy of Europe’s banking and capital markets union and on the governance of shadow money (with Daniela Gabor); another on the unilateralist turn in US trade policy and its implications for the future of the liberal economic order (with Peter Gibbon); and finally, a project on post-crisis institutional change in international organisations, including the IMF, the World Bank and the WTO (with Robert Wade). Follow him @jakobvestergard.


18 January 2018
US President Donald Trump is scheduled to appear at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos next week. A few days later, on 30 January, he will deliver his State of the Union address, marking the one-year anniversary of his presidency. With US trade deficits steadily rising and polls...