Jim Redden

Director, Trade and Development Economic Development Services Pty Ltd., and Visiting Fellow, Institute for International Trade, University of Adelaide

Jim Redden has served on the Australian Trade Minister’s WTO Advisory Committee and was part of the Australian Government’s official delegation to a number of WTO Ministerial meetings.  He has advised the Australian Government on a range of international trade and inclusive economic issues of particular concern to developing countries. Jim specialises in trade and development, trade and gender and Aid for Trade issues.

In addition to jointly running a small consulting company and lecturing at the University of Adelaide, Mr Redden is currently the Executive Officer of the Australian Trade and Development Business Network, a private sector organisation which facilitates private-public partnerships for development and advocates for a stronger role for a responsible private sector in global poverty reduction activities. Mr. Redden has post-graduate degrees from the University of Adelaide in International Trade, International Development, Economics and in Education.  

Bridges news

10 July 2017
Les normes de durabilité peuvent contribuer à promouvoir le développement durable dans les pays en développement, mais elles ont aussi des effets d’exclusion. Comment l’aide pour le commerce peut-elle aider les entreprises du monde en développement à se conformer à un nombre toujours plus grand de...
10 July 2017
Sustainability standards can help foster sustainable development in developing countries, but also have exclusionary effects. How can aid for trade assist businesses in the developing world to comply with an ever-increasing number of public and private standards? For a developing country exporter,...