Lars Zetterberg

Senior Researcher, IVL Swedish Environmental Research

Lars Zetterberg, PhD, is a senior researcher at IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute. Lars is programme director for the research programme Mistra Carbon Exit, which investigates technical pathways and policies for decarbonising Sweden’s economy. Over recent years, the research has focused on emissions trading systems, how to decarbonise the Swedish economy, and the carbon neutrality of biomass. Lars has conducted several commissioned assessments for the Swedish Government and its agencies. He is often invited to speak as a panellist and has chaired several international seminars and workshops.


13 March 2018
Never before has such an important climate decision attracted so little attention. After six years of persistently low carbon prices, this post argues that a recent reform of the EU emissions trading system may put the scheme back on track. Carbon prices could rise above 25 euros as soon as 2023,...