Lucas Ferraz

Professor of International Economics at Getúlio Vargas Foundation

Lucas Ferraz is a full-time professor of International Economics at Getúlio Vargas Foundation (São Paulo School of Economics). He holds a PhD in Economics at the Graduate School of Economics (Getúlio Vargas Foundation-EPGE) with part of the program held in European universities such as The University of Amsterdam, The University of Brussels, The Catholic University of Leuven and The University of Antwerp. His is currently a member of the BRICS-TERN network, and has attended several conferences in Asian countries, such as China and India, presenting academic works as well as being invited as key-note speaker. Among his most recent publications are Trade Talks Among Brics Economies: Mapping out Threats and Opportunities for the Brazilian economy (2012), Exchange Rate Misalignments and International Trade Policy: Impacts on Tariffs (2012) and The Long Run Interplay between Trade Policy and the Location of Economic Activity in Brazil Revisited (2013). His main research interests include Trade Regulation, the evaluation of Mega Regional Trade Agreements with the use of Applied General Equilibrium Models and the impacts of Global Value Chains for international trade patterns and growth. He is the Head of Economic Modeling at the Centre for Global Trade and Investment and one of the Coordinators of the WTO Chair Program at Getulio Vargas Foundation since 2014. 


Bridges news

28 August 2014
Diante da ausência do Brasil nas negociações megarregionais de comércio e investimento, associada à crescente necessidade de que o país expanda o mercado para suas exportações, este artigo avalia os impactos econômicos da TTIP sobre o Brasil, com foco nas exportações agrícolas e industriais do país.