Natalia Shpilkovskaya

Managing Editor, Mosty

Natalia SHPILKOVSKAYA is the Managing Editor of “Mosty” (“Bridges” in Russian) at the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development and also an independent International Trade Consultant.

She holds a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) from the Moscow State Academy of Law (1998) and is qualified to practice law in Russia. She also holds a Master of Laws (LL.M.) from the University of Ottawa, Canada (2007) with concentration on international trade law.

Natalia is a practicing specialist in international trade law, particularly World Trade Organization law, with considerable legal experience.

From 1998 to 2002 Natalia worked at the Legal Department of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation and participated in negotiations on accession of the Russian Federation to the WTO. In particular, she contributed to legislative reforms aimed at bringing Russia’s national legislation into compliance with the WTO Agreements.

In 2002, Natalia was posted to the Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations Office and other International Organizations in Geneva, Switzerland, where for four and a half years she was legal adviser on issues related to Russia’s accession to the WTO. She also monitored and reported on the accessions of other countries to the WTO, the work of the WTO Dispute Settlement Body, the Doha Round negotiations on trade facilitation and on improvement of the dispute settlement mechanism.

From 2011 to 2014 Natalia worked with the International Trade Law Group in a leading Canadian law firm (Borden Ladner Gervais LLP), where she assisted with legal research, analysis and preparation of submissions in three appeals before the WTO Appellate Body (US - Clove CigarettesUS - Tuna II (Mexico) and US - COOL) and in a compliance dispute before a panel (US - COOL (Article 21.5)).

In 2014 and 2015 Natalia worked with the WTO Expertise Centre in Moscow. She provided legal support and drafted submissions and statements in several WTO disputes. In particular, Natalia provided legal analysis and interpretation of provisions of the WTO Anti-Dumping Agreement, the WTO Agreement on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures, and the Marrakesh Agreement Establishing the World Trade Organization.

She is a citizen of Russia, currently residing in Canada.

Bridges news

13 December 2016
Новый подход Европейской комиссии к определению демпинга, в частности проверка наличия значительных искажений, возникших в результате вмешательства государства в экономику, затронет не только интересы Китая, но и многих других членов ВТО, в том числе в нашем регионе. Соответствует ли предложенная...
8 October 2012
Наталья Шпильковская и Грег Терепоский Соглашение ВТО по техническим барьерам в торговле (Соглашение по ТБТ) устанавливает важный баланс - члены ВТО имеют право применять технические регламенты для достижения законных целей, но они должны избегать использования этих мер для создания излишних...
15 December 2011
Наталья Шпильковская Для защиты своих торговых интересов члены ВТО могут воспользоваться механизмом разрешения споров ВТО, который обеспечивает безопасность и предсказуемость многосторонней торговой системы. Насколько активно используют этот инструмент новые члены организации? С какими трудностями...
7 September 2009
In June 1997, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia agreed to conduct separate WTO accession processes. Twelve years later, the leaders of the three countries announced a complete reversal of this approach. What are the likely pitfalls of this extraordinary new development? There is no doubt that Prime...