Pedro Paranhos

Trade in Services Division, Department of Financial Affairs and Services, Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Pedro Paranhos is a diplomat of the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He is currently posted at the Trade in Services Division of the Department of Financial Affairs and Services. His main areas of activity are: the negotiation of the Cooperation and Facilitation Investment Agreements (CFIAs), the follow-up of the discussions on trade facilitation at the World Trade Organization, the monitoring of the debate on the reform of ISDS at the UNCITRAL, and the participation of Brazil in the Investment Committee of the OECD. Prior to entering the foreign service, he has worked both in the private (advertising and banking) and the public sphere.


8 May 2018
This article discusses some of the key features of investment facilitation as a potential issue for a multilateral outcome within the World Trade Organization, focusing specifically on a single electronic window and its national implementing authority. Brazil is a new player in international...

Bridges news

21 May 2018
Авторы этой статьи обсуждают некоторые ключевые моменты, касающиеся упрощения процедур осуществления инвестиций – потенциального вопроса для достижения многостороннего соглашения в рамках ВТО. Бразилия является новым игроком в сфере международных инвестиционных соглашений (МИС). Более того, она...