Peter Kragelund

Professor, Roskilde University

Peter Kragelund is an Associate Professor at the Department of Society and Globalisation of Roskilde University. As a researcher he is interested in changes in the global economy and how it affects developing countries (especially in Africa). She is currently finalising a research project on the economic and political consequences (locally as well as globally) of the renewed Chinese interest in Africa. January 1st 2012 He embarked upon a collaborative research programme entitled ‘Successful African Firms and Institutional Change’ comparing firm-internal and firm-external matters in Zambia, Kenya and Tanzania (see Concurrently, he works on the role of innovative forms of finance for development, the role of the private sector in development, and the impacts of development aid. During the past decade he has taught and supervised students at all levels in most universities in Denmark and in a couple of foreign universities. He enjoys conveying my research knowledge orally and in writing to peers as well as to the general public.