Sam Laird

Independent Consultant

Sam Laird is an independent consultant and a member of the academic council of the Trade Policy Centre for Africa, Arusha, where he is Visiting Professor.  He was formerly a senior economist with UNCTAD, the World Trade Organisation, the World Bank, and the (now) Australian Productivity Commission, as well as Special Professor of International Economics at the University of Nottingham He has published extensively on trade policy, including the experiences of developing countries in adjusting to trade reform, developing export competitiveness, tariffs, non-tariff barriers and other WTO issues.

Bridges news

23 July 2013
Il est reconnu depuis longtemps que les préférences commerciales peuvent stimuler la diversification vers des activités d'exportation à plus forte valeur ajoutée. En effet, la transformation structurelle des économies en développement était un but du Système de préférences généralisées (SPG) lors...
17 June 2013
It has long been recognised that trade preferences can stimulate diversification into higher value-added export activities. Indeed, the structural transformation of developing economies was a key goal of the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) when it was launched in 1971. There has been a...