Sisule F. Musungu

Researcher, World Trade Institute Graduate School and President, IQsensato

Sisule F. Musungu holds law degrees from the University of Nairobi and the University of Pretoria; he is a Researcher at the World Trade Institute Graduate School of Bern. He is also the President and a founding member of IQsensato (Geneva) and the Managing Director of IQsensato Consulting (Nairobi). His research, capacity building and technical assistance work focuses on the development dimensions of intellectual property, innovation, access to knowledge and international trade. He is also a researcher on international human rights law, particularly the implementation of social and economic rights. Previously, he worked as an Associate Research Scholar at Yale Law School, as the Coordinator of the Innovation and Access to Knowledge Programme at the South Centre in Geneva and as an Associate at the law firm Hamilton, Harrison and Mathews in Nairobi.

Bridges news

1 March 2008
En septiembre de 2007 la Organización Mundial de la Propiedad Intelectual (OMPI) estableció un “Programa para el Desarrollo”, el cual probablemente tendrá implicaciones importantes a largo plazo en el futuro de la organización y en la propiedad intelectual (PI) en general. El Programa para el...
1 November 2007
In September 2007, the World Intellectual Property Organisation established a ‘development agenda’, which is likely to have important long-term implications for the organisation’s future, as well as the discourse on intellectual property more generally. The Development Agenda is essentially a set...