Stefano Inama

Chief, Division for Africa, Least Developed Countries and Special Programmes at the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)

Stefano Inama is a Chief and trade lawyer at UNCTAD. For over 25 years Mr. Inama has been responsible for trade policy advise to Governments during the WTO negotiations and the implementation aspects of WTO agreements, as well as during negotiations of Free Trade Agreements such as the ASEAN-China, EU-South Africa, SADC and the Tripartite Free Trade area as well  FTA negotiations among Latin American and the EU. He has been heading the preferences and trade laws section in UNCTAD and Coordinator of UNCTAD commercial diplomacy program. As Coordinator of the UNCTAD commercial diplomacy he leads a network of research and training centres in Developing Countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America on WTO and regional trade issues. He teaches courses at the IELPO, Barcelona and the MILE Programme at the World Trade Institute in Bern, Switzerland. He is a programme associate at the Global Governance Program at the European University Institute. He graduated from the University of Bologna in Law and holds a Master of High European Studies LLM, major in law for European Integration from the College of Europe, Belgium.

Bridges news

9 August 2018
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