Susan Isiko Štrba

Visiting Senior Research Fellow, University of the Witwatersrand

Dr Susan Isiko Štrba combines teaching and research with providing policy and legislative

advice and technical training to governments, intergovernmental organizations and NGOs. She focuses on International Intellectual Property, trade and development, having spent over 15 years researching, addressing policy issues and providing consultancy for various institutions and Governments.


Isiko Strba’s research has focused particularly on the impact of intellectual property laws in facilitating culturally relevant sustainable economic development and growth consistent with domestic institutional and innovation priorities in developing countries.  She is the author of International Copyright Law and Access to Education in Developing Countries: Exploring Multilateral Legal and Quasi-Legal Solutions, a leading guide to the functioning of international copyright law for the public interest in developing countries. She has also published numerous journal articles in the field of IP and development.