Vicente Paolo Yu

Coordinator, Global Governance for Development Programme, South Centre

Vicente Paolo B. Yu III is currently the Programme Coordinator of the South Centre's Global Governance for Development Programme. His work includes overseeing the policy research and analysis and the provision of technical and legal advice by the South Centre through the Global Governance for Development Programme to developing country delegations on global political, economic, social and environmental issues, such as United Nations reform, Bretton Woods institutions governance, WTO institutional decision-making processes, the WTO dispute settlement mechanism, human rights, migration, and environment. He obtained his undergraduate and law degrees from the University of the Philippines, and his master of laws degree (specializing in international trade law and international environmental law) from Georgetown University where he was a Fulbright Scholar. Prior to joining the South Centre, he served as the WTO Program Officer, based in Geneva, for Friends of the Earth International (FOEI) and was also a Staff Attorney and head for Research and Policy Development of the Legal Rights and Natural Resources Center (LRC) in the Philippines. He also taught at the University of the Philippines College of Law and the University of Tulsa College of Law. He has published papers and articles on issues relating to trade and environment, sustainable development, environmental policy, and indigenous peoples' rights.