Violante di Canossa

Independent Consultant

Violante di Canossa is a macroeconomist. Since moving to China in 2014, Violante has freelanced for Canossa Economics, producing economic research on the EU economy, and China-i Ltd, a risk management advisory firm specialising in transactional, environmental, social, governance (ESG), reputational and integration risk facing Chinese companies in their overseas investment. She previously worked for 10 years for the European Economics team of Credit Suisse in London, where she authored multiple publications, particularly focusing on inflation and monetary policy in the EU. Violante holds a Master’s Degree in Economics with a specialisation in Development Economics from the London School of Economics (LSE).


9 August 2018
Participation in garment global value chains has positively affected the condition of women with many moving out of the informal sector to industrialised salaried employment. Harnessing the social upgrading potential of Myanmar’s growing garment industry for women’s economic empowerment will...