Yi Tang

Dean, College of Marine Culture and Law, Shanghai Ocean University

Prof. Tang Yi is the dean of the College of Marine Culture and Law, Shanghai Ocean University, and a leading advisor to China’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MARA) on fishery issues. He had conducted field research and fishing operation on the sea with distant-water fisheries for 4 years, and was one of the drafters of Program of Action on the Conservation of Living Aquatic Resources of China, which was promulgated by the State Council of China in 2006, when he served a temporary position in the Bureau of Fisheries of MARA.

Since 2010, Tang Yi has undertaken more than 20 research projects for MARA, covering a range of important topics, e.g. fishing capacity control, fishing permit system, Total Allowable Catch system (TACs) and small-scale fisheries management. He participated in the drafting of MARA policy document on controlling domestic fishing vessels and implementation the concept of “total marine fishery resources”, which was issued in January 2017 and regarded as a major step to instigate fundamental changes in fisheries development in China.

Prof. Tang Yi is a key advocate of amending China’s Fisheries Law and the Regulations on Fishing Licensing in order to strengthen the laws’ effectiveness in sustainable fisheries. In addition to helping advance national policies, he also helps promote local policy development. He has drafted China’s first local regulation on national Marine Protected Areas (MPA) in Zhoushan, a coastal city in Zhejiang Province.