All the Career Paths that Benefit from you Completing the CFA


The world of Business and Finance is a complex and messy one. You can spend your entire life studying and keeping up with trends and still not know everything there is to no. Mainly because things change far too often and far too quickly. But that doesn’t mean it is futile to attempt to keep up. In fact, fighting against this ever-changing tide is how you do stay ahead in the business world.

One useful tool you could make use of is getting your CFA certificate. In this article, we are going to be looking at what the CFA is and, more importantly, all the career paths that benefit from you having your CFA certificate. In this field, it pays to get ahead of the competition and the CFA is a great way to do that.

What is the CFA

The Chartered Financial Analysis is a postgraduate certificate that is equivalent to a British Masters degree. The course is focused around, as the name suggests, financial analysis. But it goes well beyond the basic financial analysis taught at universities and colleges.

The course goes in-depth and looks at advanced analysis techniques that can be applied to each individual financial area. But it has lessons that can be put into effect in any area that requires analysis, including security and even some weather prediction fields.

The course is demanding and tough. The CFA exam prep alone is tougher than most courses are their entire run. But that is why getting your certificate is so useful. It is a highly valued course and having it on your CV will open a lot more doors.

Stock Market

Working in stocks or even investments is tricky. It is often seen as gambling by a lot of other financial fields. And it is gambling without a doubt. But even gambling can be analyzed and beaten to a degree. This is why getting your CFA is extremely useful if you plan to work in this field.

The stock market is a unique beast. In theory, you could create an algorithm that could predict every change in the stock market for the next one hundred years. And while this is currently beyond human ability, it proves that analysis is vital when playing the stock market.

Getting your CFA will arm you with the tools to better predict how the market is going to ebb and flow and will help you stand out against your competition.


Being an accountant is very different from the stock market. Yet in a way, it is very similar too. Especially if you are working for a large company. Huge amounts of money can be gained or lost overnight. And there are plenty of spending patterns, incomes changes, and expenditures that can be analyzed.

The CFA doesn’t only teach analysis skills either. It will enhance your general mathematical and financial knowledge. All of these compound to turn you into a better accountant. You will be able to identify potentially fatal spending concerns within a companies budget or simply correct the books of a small independent company with ease. And if nothing else just having the CFA on your CV will impress any accountancy firm.


When we talk about security we don’t mean you are going to be working as a security guard. Any good security company has a lot more going on behind the scenes than just their boots on the ground services.

Security is a game of analysis and prediction at the end of the day. Preventing crime before it happens is as big a part of the field as simply stopping it as it happens. Security analysts are involved in predicting potential security risks based on a number of varying factors. Past crime rates. Potential earnings from theft. Likelihood of crime against preventative measures.

Getting your CFA certificate will teach you the analytical skills needed to break down and examine these complex stats and figures and also teach you how to implement them in a practical way. It goes well beyond just working out a number and involves actually coming up with real anti-crime solutions. It is a lucrative, and competitive field, but one worth looking into.


The science of predicting the weather. This one has absolutely nothing to do with finance. So you may be surprised to see it on this list. But make no mistake, all the skills you learn in the CFA course can be used in this field.

At the end of the day, science comes down to numbers. And the weather is the same. Everything about it is measured in temperatures, pressure, wind speed, and changes. Numbers upon numbers. Constantly changing and shifting. And all that data needs to be understood. To be analyzed.

Now your CFA alone won’t get you into this field. You will need to have a background in science. But if you do, and you also get your CFA, you will be well equipped to try your hand as an expert meteorologist. Weather prediction is a lot like stock market prediction after all. With the right information, you can tell what is going to come next based on past analysis.

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