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During the past six seasons of Shark Tank, we have seen some incredible episodes in which some entrepreneurial ventures made us laugh out loud while others had us shaking our heads while wondering why they didn’t think of it? Here are my picks for the thirteen best Shark Tank episodes of all time. Listed below are a few of my all-time favorites I think you should pay attention to.

1. Season 5 Episode 7: Tearing Up About the Tree T Pee

On Shark Tank, Johnny Georges captured the hearts of America when he demonstrated his Tree-T-Pee – an irrigation pump and water containment system for farmers. A moving pitch from Georges convinces the sharks that he will not raise the price for his product so that he can earn more revenue, since Georges makes Tree-T-Pees for $2.95 each, but only sells them for $4.50. In response to shark comments that he could make much more if he raised the price, Georges says that the dollar he makes off of each Tree-T-Pee is more than enough. The organization’s founder, Georges, says it’s not about the money for him and that all farmers should be able to afford their product. “It’s about doing what’s right!” Georges becomes emotional when describing the origins of the product, which was originally invented by his father 12 years before he passed away. “There was not a dry eye in the room” according to harsh shark Kevin O’Leary. Georges ultimately strikes a deal with Despite these challenges, DeJoria was eager to lend a hand to George and his inspiring mission, since and as DeJoria notes, “farmers are the cornerstone of American culture.” To George, it doesn’t matter what it takes to succeed. The world’s right is to do what is right.” When you feel your faith in humanity has dimmed, this is a good movie

2. Season 1, Episode 1: AVA Elephant

On the very first episode of Shark Tank, Tiffany Krumins was featured as one of the very first successes. With this newest expansion, AVA the Elephant is available in more than 10 countries and over 10,000 retailers, Although Kramins was diagnosed with cancer (and is recovering from it), he continues to build the business with the help of Corcoran. The AVA the Elephant medicine dispenser episode of Tiffany Krumin’s Shark Tank is worth checking out since it was one of the first major successes of the show.

3. Season 3, Episode 2: Cat Doodles Are No Joke

Gadlin’s pitch may sound like a joke with his humorously titled company, “I Want to Draw a Cat For You,” but he shows the sharks that he’s raising cash with his stick figure cats, which he charges $10 The cat doodles of Gadlin’s are enough to tickle Cuban, who offers $25,000 for 33% of the business in turn. The Shark Tank episode of this week is a fun one due to Gadlin’s goofy pitch and his odd idea, which works nicely enough to win over Cuban’s approval.

4. Season 3, Episode 7: Sharks Smack Lips

This sexy lip balm makes a memorable Shark Tank episode when Barbara Corcoran and Kevin O’Leary demonstrate the product. Mark Cuban ends up offering Kisstixx owners Dallas Robinson and Mike Buonomo $200,000 in exchange for 40% of Kisstixx is now available in 30 countries in retail outlets such as

5. Season 5, Episode 2: Breathometer, an iPhone Breathalizer

With his portable breathalyzer that plugs into a smartphone, Charles Yim’s Breathometer managed to catch all five sharks in season 5. The founder of Yim & Company, Mark Cuban, gave Mark Cuban, Brian O’Leary, Daymond John, Robert Herjavec, and Lori Greiner 30% of the company for $1 million. A series of appearances on Shark Tank resulted in Yim gaining an additional $2 million in funding, and she partnered with the It is predicted that the Breathometer will bring in over $10 million in sales this year, contributing to another Shark Tank success episode you may want to catch on television.

6.. Season 3, Episode 3: Chord Buddy, The Answer For New Musicians

This week on Shark Tank, I’ve compiled a list of the thirteen best The following are some of my all-time favorites that I highly recommend you watch.

7. Season 6, Episode 6: Jimmy Kimmel Offers a New Kind of Pant

The funniest episode of Shark Tank is without a doubt the one in season six, when Jimmy Kimmel pitches his revolutionary item, You can probably guess they are horse pants, as you have astutely implied. There’s no way you’ll find Horse Pants on QVC or at Bed Bath & Beyond near you, but Kimmel’s pitch will definitely go down as one of the great Shark Tank stories.

8. Season 4, Episode 8: Special Guests and Longest Pitch Ever

The most random Shark Tank episode is in season 4, episode 8, when Seth McFarlane, creator of Family Guy, stops by the tank to help a friend. Corey McFarlane tries pitching to the sharks along with his buddy and horseback-riding instructor Bruce Gaither using a cone-shaped fly trap called the No Fly Cone (a self-repairing fly trap). Even Stewie couldn’t convince the sharks to bite despite his cajoling. This episode also features another striking pitch from Michael Tseng, who is introduced to the series’ sharks by his Plate Topper. It is a plastic piece of storage with a suction feature that stays attached to plates for quicker and easier leftover food Simply for the sake of witnessing Tseng and investors’ constant back and forth disagreement, this episode is worth watching. The negotiations with investors lasted two hours, a record-breaking time on the Shark Tank set. Tseng ends up taking part in a bidding war between the sharks. The deal that Lori Greiner eventually manages to make with Tseng falls through at the last minute. Although Shark Tank has been a huge success for Plate Topper, there is no denying that it is due in part to the show. There are now many brick-and-mortar Walmart stores and where you can find Tseng’s product.

9. Season 5, Episode 6: Ten Thirty One Productions, Biggest Deal Ever

Melissa Carbone gets a $2 million deal from Mark Cuban in exchange for a 20% stake in her company in Shark Tank episode six of season five, making it one of the most memorable episodes in the show’s history (at least to date). Throughout his career, Carbone has owned Ten Thirty One Productions, a company specializing in live horror entertainment in the Los Angeles At first, she is tentative about her request for a 10% stake in her company, but this changes once she explains that Ten Thirty One Productions generated $1.8 million in revenue from their haunted hayride last October, resulting in $600,000. Carbone has now expanded Ten Thirty One Productions throughout the country because of Cuban’s investment. As a result of Cuban’s assistance, Carbone was able to secure a distribution contract with Live Nation, and Ten Thirty One Productions expects to make $3 million in sales this year. I don’t think that’s spooky at all!

10. Season 3, Episode 6: ReadeRest

Rick Hopper introduces ReadeRest, a product consisting of a magnetic clip that safely secures the user’s glasses to their clothing in season 3. A clever bit of drama features Max Hopper, who uses a fall to demonstrate the importance of his product. The episode is quickly picked up by Lori Greiner, who predicts ReadeRest will be a big hit with QVC viewers. Hopper is offered $150,000 in exchange for 65% ownership of the business by Greiner. She promises to make him millions through her QVC connection. In reality, ReadeRest continues to sell out every time it appears on QVC, and since Shark Tank, Hopper has earned $8 million in sales.

11. Season 4, Episode 7: Scrub Daddy

Watch this episode if you don’t want to miss anything? it is the episode of Shark Tank in which the wildly successful scrub manufacturer Scrub Daddy was introduced both to the sharks and The sales pitch for Aaron Krause’s lemony smiley sponge begins with him demonstrating how its superior material, combined with its impressive durability, can scrub away any residue that may be left after dishwashing. A deal is struck between Lori Greiner and Krause for the transfer of 20% stake in Scrub Daddy in exchange for $200,000 in cash. As you can see, this product is now featured on QVC and in Bed Bath & Beyond and Wal-Mart. It just goes to show, there is power in a little cushion.

12. Season 5, Episode 20, Featuring Kid Entrepreneurs

I enjoyed this episode of Shark Tank, because it featured a lot of kid entrepreneurs to show that there is no age limit to A number of great inventions are featured in this episode including Boo Boo Goo, a paint-on band-aid, iReTron, which facilitates trading used electronics, and Henrey’s Humdingers, a spiced honey business. In addition to introducing Define Bottle, an eco-friendly water bottle that offers fruit infusions and many other herbal concoctions to make drinking water more enjoyable, this episode asked viewers to discuss the future of water. This episode is another great one to watch when you see these young entrepreneurs show off their skills!

13. Season 5, Episode 13: GrooveBook

The growth of GrooveBook, founded by married couple Brian and Julie Whiteman, is another big Shark Tank success. Users of GrooveBook don’t have to pay a monthly fee they just get a bound book of their smartphone photos every month. It is noted by the Whiteman team that users often snap photos on their phones but never look back at them It’s easy to share memories with GrooveBook, which lets users publish a monthly photo book of memories they might have forgotten! In order to earn $150,000 and 80% of licensing profits, the Whitemans cut a deal with Mark Cuban and Brian O’Leary. Is this really the crux of the matter? A $15 million purchase was made by Shutterfly in November! I like this guy. He’s groovy!

The episodes listed above are what I consider among the best Shark Tank episodes to date. Would you like to share a favorite episode in the comments? If so, you can do so below.


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