25 June 2010

For a more comprehensive list of events for the trade and environment community visit the BioRes Online Calendar.

Coming up in the next two weeks (25 June-9 July)

28 June-2 July, Edinburgh, Scotland. 18TH COMMONWEALTH FORESTRY CONFERENCE. Conference organisers say this conference will pull together some of the most influential and dynamic individuals with a professional interest in forestry to explore how restoring the Commonwealth's forests can contribute to the global challenge of tackling climate change. Public and private sector representatives from around the Commonwealth will discuss how forest restoration can be used to tackle issues such as community livelihoods, food security, biodiversity, energy, and governance. For more information, visit the conference website.

28 June-1 July, Singapore. WORLD CITIES SUMMIT 2010: LIVEABLE & SUSTAINABLE CITIES FOR THE FUTURE. This four-day summit will focus on leadership and governance and building liveable and sustainable communities. The summit will focus on the challenges related to urban planning, infrastructure financing, public housing, waste management, urban biodiversity and climate change. Participants will discuss how to mitigate risks and build inclusive and harmonious cities. Partners of the Summit include the Asian Development Bank (ADB), UN-Habitat, the UN Development Programme (UNDP), the World Bank, and the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP). For more information visit the World Cities website.

28 June-1 July, Paris, France. CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY: UPDATING THE GUIDELINES FOR MULTINATIONAL ENTERPRISES. This meeting will bring together the National Contact Points of the 42 governments adhering to the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises. They will begin the process, which will be completed in 2011, of updating the guidelines to ensure they retain their role as the leading international instrument for the promotion of responsible business conduct. Discussions at the June meetings will centre on supply chains, human rights and environment/climate change. For more information visit the event website.

29 June-1 July, Basel, Switzerland. AFRICA ENERGY FORUM. The 12th Africa Energy Forum will focus on African power, renewable energy, biofuels, and gas. This year, the programme will include discussions on how environmental concerns, development goals, and power supply interconnect. Another major subject area will be the implications and necessary responses to adjust to the increasing pressure from consumers for clean and affordable power. For more information, visit the forum website.

1 July, Geneva, Switzerland. DIALOGUE ON THE LIBERALISATION OF CLIMATE-FRIENDLY GOODS. This informal dialogue will increase understanding of the possible environmental, trade and developmental implications of the WTO negotiations on environmental good and services by analysing the case of climate-related single-use environmental goods. For more information visit the event website.

5-6 July, Manila, Philippines. FIRST ASIA SOLAR ENERGY FORUM. This forum will focus on addressing the key barriers to the spread of solar energy in the Asia Pacific region and aims to create opportunities for private sector companies as well as for knowledge institutions and development partners. Organisers say the forum will give participants an opportunity to voice their thoughts on structuring and developing solar energy projects and to build an informed view on the potential market for solar energy in the region. For more information visit the forum website.

7-9 July, Bogota, Colombia. UNEP CONSULTATIVE GROUP OF MINISTERS AND HIGH-LEVEL REPRESENTATIVES ON IEG. This UNEP meeting will consider broader reform of international environmental governance (IEG). A second meeting will take place in November 2010 in Helsinki, Finland. The purpose of these meetings is to prepare a report to inform the next meeting of the UNEP Governing Council in February 2011 and provide input to the UNCSD (also called Rio+20) process. For more information, visit the UNEP environmental governance website.

8 July, London, UK. CLIMATE CHANGE AND GREEN DEVELOPMENT IN CHINA. This meeting, organised by the Chatham House, will address the impact of climate change in China and explain how China is responding to global warming. The event is open to all interested members and the public. More information can be found on the event website.

8 July, London, UK. AFRICAN AGRICULTURE: A TIME FOR CAUTIOUS OPTIMISM? The Overseas Development Institute will be hosting a seminar on the increased agriculture growth rates in Africa. The event will focus on the new opportunities for African farmers, such as higher prices, potential markets in Asia, and underused land, along with the potential challenges - including higher energy prices and climate change. The seminar's objective is to find a balance between these issues, and discuss what strategies should be adopted as a result. For more information, please visit the seminar website.

Other Upcoming Events:

29 November-10 December, Cancun, Mexico. 16TH CONFERENCE OF THE PARTIES (COP 16) / 6TH CONFERENCE OF THE PARTIES SERVING AS THE MEETING OF THE PARTIES TO THE KYOTO PROTOCOL (CMP 6) - UNFCCC. At this meeting, parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change will work to reach a global climate change pact. For more information, visit the COP website.

5-11 September, Stockholm, Sweden. 2010 WORLD WATER WEEK. The 20th anniversary of World Water Week will be hosted by the Stockholm International Water Institute. The programme will include plenaries, workshops, seminars, side events and award ceremonies related to the theme: "The Water Quality Challenge - Prevention, Wise Use and Abatement." Organisers say the event will help deepen the understanding of, stimulate ideas on, and engage the water community around the challenges related to water quality. For more information, view this event website.

25 June 2010
EVALUATION OF THE COPENHAGEN ACCORD: CHANCES AND RISKS FOR THE 2°C CLIMATE GOAL. The Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, May 2010. This report, released by the Netherlands Environmental...
25 June 2010
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