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15 November 2013

Trade in Sustainable Energy Services - ICTSD - October 2013

Facilitating trade in goods that can promote sustainable energy is intuitive and potentially powerful in the search for energy security, the provision of access to energy, and the mitigation of climate change. Much less recognised, however, is that the global market in services related to sustainable energy is closely linked to the goods market and it is much larger.

G-33 Proposal: Early Agreement on Elements of the Draft Doha Accord to Address  Food Security - ICTSD - October 2013

Some developing countries have proposed that WTO rules should be changed to allow them more flexibility to purchase food at subsidised prices under public stockholding or domestic food aid programmes. This short information note looks at how rules, policies and practices in this area can affect trade and food security, in the run-up to the global trade body's ninth ministerial conference this December.

India's Agricultural Trade Policy and Sustainable  Development Goals - ICTSD - September 2013

During the last six decades, india has boosted food grain production five-fold, and - despite massive population growth - turned  a food deficit into a surplus. this paper examines how india's farm trade policy could help achieve public policy goals such as overcoming poverty, ensuring food security and improving environmental sustainability, against the background of WTO rules and obligations.

Climate    Change    and    Sustainable    Energy    Measures    in   Regional    Trade Agreements (RTAs) - ICTSD - August 2013

Regional trade Agreements (RTAs) are increasingly used for addressing sustainable development  goals by including provisions on climate  change and sustainable  energy. this paper examines that trend and presents an overview of different categories of such provisions in a broad sample of recent RTAs, identifying current regulatory challenges and highlighting obstacles in addressing climate change.

Operationalizing the Services Waiver for the LDCs - IDEAS Centre- February 2013

IDEAs Centre commissioned two studies on this issue of importance for LDCs: 1) identifying the offensive interests of African Least Developed Countries (LDCs) in WTO services negotiations, by Matthew stern and natasha Ward; and 2) the CARIFORUM-EU Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) services and investment negotiations: Insights for Least Developed Countries (LDCs) in operationalising the WTO services waiver, by natasha Ward.

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